17th May 2024

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

With the Ashanti Region’s confirmed case count of Covid-19 reaching 68, on Tuesday, the regional health directorate has indicated its readiness in stepping up surveillance.

According to the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang, strengthening surveillance is the way to go.

“What we are going to do now is to strengthen surveillance, and we have come out with certain key activities and strategies that we are going to embark on since Ashanti Region and Greater Accra have been classified as hotspots,” he said yesterday, Tuesday April 21, at a media briefing.

Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang said, as part of the enhanced surveillance, the region will embark on active contact tracing where contacts will be isolated and tested while following up on all such persons.

He added that those who test positive will be quarantined, either in their homes or at designated isolation centres, for treatment to reduce community spread.

“The medical team will assess the home environment and if the home environment is not good enough, and will promote infection, then we will move them to what we call mandatory quarantine where we have been able to secure facilities for that purpose,” he emphasized.

He further indicated that the region will conduct mass screening in identified hot spots where confirmed cases have been recorded.

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