23rd July 2024

The Association of Lotto Marketing Companies and the staff of the National Lottery Authority say they have observed with much concern the current state of affairs in the gaming industry which has affected the smooth operations of the NLA. They have therefore called on all feuding factions within the authority to bring an end to the ongoing fracas and put measures in place that will inure to the benefit of the industry.


In a statement jointly released by the two groups and signed by Eric Tamakloe, Chairman of the Staff Union, and Dan Mensah, National Chairman of Association of Lotto Marketing companies, it noted that notwithstanding the potentials available to the NLA to work and generate revenue to support the economic endeavors of the government, the authority is rather struggling to generate income to pay winning prizes, lotto commission, staff salaries and emoluments.


“This is due to the massive encroachment in large segment on its market to feed in the flagship product, the 5/90 game. Indeed the 5/90 game is a gold mine for which huge sums of money could be generated from its operations,” the statement said.




For this reason, the two groups say they are lending their support to the measures put in place by the current management to undertake reforms in a bid to streamline some aspects of its operations.


They have also suggested that the NLA should introduce a clear-cut regulatory framework in accordance with the NLA Act, 2006(Act 722) and the Lottery Regulations, 2008(Li 1948).


They have also urged the NLA to review the licensing fees by introducing a realistic rate as well as instituting revenue sharing to ensure fairness and equity.


“Regular flow of communication must be adopted to avoid suspicion, rumours and speculations. Moreover, agents and writers of the private lotto companies be levied at the end of every month to generate more income for the NLA,” it stated.


In this case, the two groups say proper records must be kept to ensure accountability and have further requested that no company should have the right to conduct any draws without NLA’s authorization.


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