27th May 2024

Managements of Noguchi and Dico Systems in a group picture in front of the Dico Disinfection Chamber

Dico Systems, a Ghanaian owned company, has donated a disinfection chamber machine to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR). The disinfestation chamber provides fully automated processes that sanitise the whole body of people and their luggage without any direct contact.

The machine is to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Presenting the machine yesterday, the Director of Dico Disease Control Systems, Kwaku Apeadu, noted that the donation is to help reduce the level of exposure in the nation’s number one facility that is at the forefront of the Covid-19 fight.

He indicated that it is also the organisation’s own support for the nation’s Covid-19 fight.

Behaviour change

The Director of the NMIMR, Prof Abraham Kwabena Anang, receiving the machine on behalf of the institute, stated that the machine has come at a right time since it will promote behaviour change among Ghanaians at a time the campaign on the virus has dwindled.

He stated that by human nature, it is sometimes normal for one to forget to use the Veronica bucket, adding that when people use this new system for a period of time, it will build their self-consciousness to always look for available running water to wash their hands.

Expressing appreciation to Dico Systems, Prof Anang noted that the kind gesture will strengthen the partnership between Noguchi and the company.

He gave a big endorsement for the use of the machine, which he believes will offer a tremendous boost for the fight against the coronavirus.

The system

The system, wholly made in Ghana, has fully automated hand-washing component, hand-sanitising component as well as body-sanitising component. A person using the system touches nothing. When one gets into the system, he only places his/her hand under a sensor-built liquid soap dispenser, which dispenses the soap unto the person’s palm. He then moves to the sensor-built water dispenser to wash the hand and then dry the hands under another sensor-built hand dryer. From there, his/her whole body and luggage are automatically sanitised by a three per cent concentrated Hydrogen per Oxide gas.

Explaining how it works on the side-lines of the event to the Daily Statesman, Dr Dennis Daary, a consultant for Dico Systems, stated that a system is built beside the main chamber that houses the water and the Hydrogen per Oxide gas. He said the chamber automatically draws them as one goes through it. He added that when the gas and the water get finished, they are refilled to ensure that the system continues to work.

According to Dr Daary, the system can be connected to a pipe-born water for easy access. He explained that when one is sanitised, the gas stays on the person for only six seconds but protects the person for six hours, adding that it is not harmful to the skin. He added that the Hydrogen per Oxide does not also react with a body care system, such as pomade or powder, to cause any harm to the human being.

He added that the system uses both electricity and solar.

Explaining the rationale behind the system, Dr Daary stated that the company thought of building a Ghanaian-based system like what is in Europe, America and other advanced countries that will help prevent the spread of the virus.

He said the system is out for sale and called on organisations and corporate bodies to consider getting some to minimise the spread of novel coronavirus in the country.


Source: Daily Statesman

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