23rd July 2024

Victims of a recent fire outbreak that raided a four-bedroom compound house at Achiase in the Eastern Region are calling on the government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other individuals to support them with some relief items.

Some of the victims say they lost huge sums of money secured through bank loans. The fire outbreak burnt everything beyond recognition, leaving the victims with nothing to start life with.

Unknown cause

Speaking to the media, Robert Brako, the Assembly Member of Ayokua electoral area, said no one knows the cause of the fire outbreak.

He said they just noticed that the fire had suddenly started in the building. According to him, the sudden occurrence prompted some of the occupants of the house to switch off their electrical meters and other electrical gadgets, thinking it was started as a result of an electrical fault but that did not salvage the situation.

He added that they quickly shouted, and called for support to help extinguish the fire.

“I must say that we haven’t seen this type of fire outbreak in this town. It was scary, but we thank God no life was lost. I don’t even know how to describe this. The building was collapsing bit by bit while the fire continued burning everything within the vicinity into ashes.

“This woman crying sells porridge. She has gone for loan for her business just few days ago and all the money she brought home is burnt. We thank God no one died, but they really need support,” he said.

According to the Assemblyman, the fire was so intense that it took the Fire Service personnel, who came to the vicinity, several hours before they were able to extinguish it.

He said when they arrived in the afternoon, they left late in the evening because of how they struggled in dealing with the situation.


Mr Brako added that the victims are currently in dire need since all their belongings have been lost to the fire.

He called on philanthropic organisations, NADMO, the Achiase District Assembly and other individuals to come to the aid of the victims.

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