21st May 2024
Xavi and Lionel Messi

Former Barcelona player and current head coach, Xavi Hernandez, has voiced his unwavering support for Lionel Messi’s potential return to Barcelona. Xavi, who is known for his close friendship and successful partnership with the Argentine forward during their time at the Spanish club, emphasized Messi’s undeniable impact on the team and expressed his optimism about the prospect of his return.

“For me, there is no doubt that if Messi returns, he will help us a lot. I have made it clear to the president,” Xavi stated confidently in a recent interview. He continued to praise Messi’s abilities, describing him as a decisive footballer, a leader, and a winner. Xavi highlighted that Messi’s presence on the field would bring unparalleled talent, exceptional playmaking skills, and the ability to create scoring opportunities in critical moments.

Reflecting on the current state of Barcelona, Xavi acknowledged the team’s lack of talent comparable to their remarkable squad from 2010. He believes that Messi’s return would bridge that gap, asserting that the revered footballer possesses the attributes needed to be a game-changer for the team. “He would bring you talent, the crucial last pass, set pieces, goals in the last third, and will be the differential player,” Xavi explained.

When questioned about the possibility of Messi’s return, Xavi revealed that he has been in contact with the legendary player. “It depends totally on Messi in the end whether he wants to return. I have been talking to him,” Xavi disclosed. While uncertain about Messi’s current thoughts and intentions, Xavi made it clear that the doors are open for his return to Barcelona.

Playing style

Addressing potential changes in Barcelona’s playing style with Messi’s return, Xavi emphasized continuity. He stated, “No, it would practically be the same, the same idea and the same model.” Xavi believes that Messi’s versatility would allow him to play various positions on the field, including as a false nine, a winger, or even in midfield. He expressed confidence in Messi’s ability to adapt and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

Xavi praised Messi’s recent transition to a more midfield-oriented role and acknowledged a slight decrease in his explosiveness. However, he firmly believes that Messi still possesses the qualities needed to compete at the highest level for several more years. Xavi’s unwavering support and optimism about Messi’s potential return have sparked excitement among Barcelona fans, who eagerly await further developments regarding the future of their beloved club and the legendary Argentine player.

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