22nd July 2024

Cheating completely destroys one’s faith in love and relationships. This brutal action can lead to depression and anxiety and one may even end up questioning their self-worth. Whether they weren’t good enough or not. When discovering that your partner has cheated, you may feel hurt, despair, angry, sad and most importantly, just say, ‘why?’

Cheating completely breaks you down and there are no reasons in the world that can justify the action. Once you commit it, there’s no turning back. Sometimes it is clearly evident that your partner is going to cheat on you whereas other times, they can be really slick into making you believe that you are their one and only. Identifying the signs that your partner might cheat are really difficult. No matter how well you might know your partner, cheating becomes one of the most unpredictable things of all time.

The signs of cheating may be different for all, especially in relationships. So if your gut is telling you that your partner is cheating, then you may be right. So, in an account of this, here are some of the glaring signs that your partner will probably cheat.

  1. Their appearance is different

If your partner has started paying more attention to what they wear and how they look, then maybe it’s a sign. You have to specifically look out for this, because if their appearance is changing, and it’s not because of you, then your partner is definitely trying to impress somebody else.

  1. You can’t reach them at all times

Even in emergencies, if you are unable to reach out to your partner, chances are more likely that they are out with somebody else. They will start answering your calls and text messages a lot less and will be even ready to give lame excuses like, “there was a lot of traffic noise, I couldn’t hear” or “there was no signal.”

  1. They’ve started using their phones a lot more

If their virtual screen time has increased considerably over the last few months or some time, then you should be ready to confront your partner about it. You may even catch them secretly using their phones or laptops at odd times and when you approach them about it, they will try their best to deny any such allegations and guard their gadgets with their life.

  1. Unexplained instances

This is when your partner’s bank statements and credit card expensed have altered and there’s a noticeable increase in it. If there also signs of large cash withdrawals or even if their friends are uncomfortable around you, then it is more likely that they are keeping it a secret that your partner is cheating.

  1. Your sex life no longer exists

If your partner resists any physical touch or prevents any situation where physical intimacy is needed, then they have already indulged in sex with somebody else. They give excuses like they are very tired from work and thus, don’t have the urge to engage in hot, steamy sessions. Small love or bite marks can also be concrete proof that your partner is cheating.

Source: Times of India

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