15th July 2024

The accident vehicle

The Ashanti Regional Security Council has tasked the Regional Police Command, through the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), to undertake the enforcement of all traffic regulations to ensure order on roads.

The directive took effect yesterday, Wednesday September 1, 2021.

A press statement signed by the Ashanti Regional Minister and Chairman of the Regional Security Council, Simon Osei-Mensah, indicated that their main targets are minors riding tricycles, riders without licences, and riders jumping red lights.

Other offenses to be checked are riding on the shoulders of the road, riding without helmets, riding in between lanes and creating additional and illegal lanes, overloading of tricycles and taking passengers in front seat of tricycles.

It has been observed that riders of tricycles, popularly known as ‘Aboboyaa’, are the worst offenders, and to this end, the Minister has warned that offenders will be apprehended, processed and arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction.


According to the press release, the Ashanti Regional Security Council has started checking general indiscipline on roads, and “at the last press conference held by the Regional Security Council on 3rd August 2021, the issue of the general indiscipline on our roads was addressed by the Police Service. The exercise to address the general indiscipline is on-going and this time round, focus is on the activities of riders of tricycles and motor bikes (aboboyaa, pragia and motor bikes) “.

The Ashanti Regional Security Council, through this exercise, is hoping to curb road indiscipline and in turn save lives and property.

Again the, the press release noted that “the Regional Security Council has observed with grave concern, the blatant way riders of tricycles, and motorbikes flout traffic regulations on our roads with great impunity resulting in deaths and injuries to innocent citizens”.

It added: “Not only are the activities of the riders of the tricycles on our roads and highways a nuisance to other road users, but also poses several risks. The riders drive recklessly and engage in dangerous and wrongful crossing of other road users. Let us work together as a region, to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all.”

The Ashanti Regional Security Council therefore expects that the general public will co-operate with the MTTD to enforce all traffic regulations and restore sanity on roads to make them safe for daily activities.

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