16th July 2024

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor

A former Minister of Finance, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, has finally announced his
intention to run against John Dramani Mahama for the 2024 flagbearership slot of
the opposition National Democratic Congress.

With this announcement, the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana has now moved
from cautious optimism and passive inclusion in top-notch NDC party affairs to an
open fight for the hearts and souls and votes of hundreds of thousands of delegates
who would be trooping to the next NDC flagbearer congress early next year to either
endorse Mr Mahama or drop him for 2024.

While the news had been in the rumour mill until yesterday, with snippets of an
‘Ahotor Project’ showboating by the former Finance Minister getting almost scuttled,
the NDC and Ghana are now set to welcome the genteel politician as a possible
option into 2024 and beyond.
Announcing his intention yesterday at a press conference at the Ghana International
Press Centre, Dr Duffuor said: “My fellow countrymen and women, throughout my
life, whenever I have been called to serve my country, I have answered with alacrity.
In 2009, you called me to serve as Minister for Finance and Economic Planning of
the Republic. I answered the call”.

Desperate crisis

He noted that Ghana is in a “desperate crisis”. Quoting what a great British soldier
once said, “if I have the liberty to wander in the streets, it is not my wisdom to do so
when my house is on fire”, Dr Duffuor said that was one of his motivations for
seeking to lead the NDC and Ghana.
“The temporary shifts we have grown used to in this country must give way to a
permanent change in attitude and priorities. We must witness the dawn of a new era,
where country trumps person, and progress trumps power,” he stated.
He indicated that in the next few weeks, he will go on a tour to meet party members
to speak about issues, needs and dreams as citizens. “I look forward to having those
conversations and to explain what I mean by the ‘Ghanaian Dream’,” he added.
In a very recent interview, Dr Duffuor stated that his main objective was to help the
opposition NDC build a formidable party. “The NDC has not opened any nomination
for Presidency. All that we are doing now is to build a very strong party. So when we
get there, we will know.
“Let’s get to the river before we cross. We are not there yet, when we get there, we
will cross and then we will know. But right now the focus is on the party and not on any individual. Soon, the party will elect its leaders; but for now, we are not there
yet,” he had said.

Resilient party

According to him, having a resilient political party is the only way the NDC can
emerge victorious in the 2024 general elections.
At the time, he cautioned people against pitching him against former President John
Mahama. However, the tables have turned today, as he has publicly declared his
The former Minister of Finance also implored those seeking for various positions
within the NDC to do so with decorum. He said Ghanaians were suffering and
yearning for the NDC to save them from the bad economic policies of the NPP

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