15th July 2024

The Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mustapha Ussif, announced this in Accra at a National Youth Unemployment Dialogue on the theme: “Addressing Youth Unemployment in Ghana: Strategies for Sustainability and Inclusivity.”

He noted that the programme will afford the fresh graduates the opportunity to travel abroad for up to three months to work with a company.

The programme christened “National Service Global Practice Initiative” seeks to mould Ghanaian youth into globally-exposed youth leaders with universal experience, ideas and best practices to contribute to the development of their local communities.

“It is the expectation of the Scheme that the experiences and skills acquired from the countries they are sent to can be used in the development and improvement of various local communities in the country,” Mr. Ussif noted.

He added that the programme was necessary because the Scheme wanted to have a continuous supply of Ghanaian leaders who were adequately prepared to tackle local issues and deliver local solutions to build strong communities utilising global best practices.

It is estimated that about 50% of graduates who leave Ghanaian Universities would not find jobs for two years after their national service and 20% of these graduates would not find jobs after three years of completing their national service.

The Scheme in the past six years has posted about 502,494 graduates to various public and private sector workplaces, averaging about 70,000 each year and posted over 106,000 in 2018.

The Scheme’s deployment is on the provisions of section (3) of Act 426, which directs the scheme to deploy personnel to undertake National Service duties in all sectors of the economy.

Source: yen.com.gh

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