23rd July 2024

Mohammed Mansur in his school uniform before the abduction

The Police at Nkawkaw are on a manhunt for a woman, believed to be around the age of 40, who allegedly kidnapped a four-year-old boy, Muhammed Mansur, a pupil of Nkawkaw Ifradullah Islamic Preparatory School.

The suspect, according to the headmaster of the school, wore hijab which covered her face and entered the school premises pretending to have been sent to pick up the boy by his parents.


According to reports, she picked up the 4-year-old boy together with his four other siblings, but it is believed that she bolted with Mansur, leaving the rest of the children to go home by themselves. The other four, according to their father, reported the incident to him on their arrival.

The father, Mohammed Abdul, said he subsequently reported the case to the Nkawkaw Police who went to the crime scene to begin investigations.

“When I reported the case to the Police, they asked that we both go to the crime scene together to find out what happened, and begin investigations. So, I’m patiently waiting for them to find my son. I have faith we will find him alive,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Police, together with the boy’s family, are appealing to the general public to help locate the whereabouts of the boy or report to the nearest police station when the boy is found anywhere.

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