23rd July 2024

I have been notified of some assertions by the former Chairman of the opposition NDC in the Amenfi East Constituency, Robert Gyan which insinuates that I contributed to his defeat in their executive elections not long ago. He establishes that I aided in vote-buying for his opponent to wrestle power from him so we, in the New Patriotic Party, can win the seat in the upcoming elections. He made this known in an interview with King Ice Tv on Youtube on 6th July 2023.

Let me state unreservedly that all his assertions are false and just a subterfuge to cover his defeat. His accusations are not based on empirics but a hasty and sweeping generalisation to push blame on someone for his loss in the election. It should be known that;

1. Chairman Gyan has been a close companion in our constituency’s political activities irrespective of our differences. He is more than a political confidant to me as compared to his opponent of which he can attest to it. So how come I can support someone I barely know over someone I have known for a long time? It is never true.

2. I want to emphatically place on record that I never involved myself in the Amenfi East constituency elections of the opposition NDC to influence the delegates in voting for a particular candidate on the notion of selecting a weaker executive to help win the seat back for the NPP. This assertion is unfounded considering our democratic system of governance where the people have the prerogative to choose who they want to lead them. I supposed asking, is he trying to say that all the delegates that voted for his opponent are part of the orchestration to unseat their own MP? That’s never true.

3. If we are to delve deep into matters, it would be easy to identify that my support was for him, Chairman Gyan because of our long-standing relationship. And I won’t take delight in outcasting him for political reasons.

4. It will be face-saving for him to desist from this premature political outcry for losing an election and rather respect the decision of the delegates. His assertions does not only impugned my integrity but also question the ability of the NDC delegates in the Constituency to choose a better candidate of their choice. The people have spoken and it must be accepted as such.

5. I want to make it clear to him as well as the NDC as a party that no amount of political gimmick can stop the NPP from recuperating power from the NDC in Amenfi East ahead of the 2024 parliamentary elections to restore the lost glory of the constituency.

On this note, I call on him, Chairman Robert Gyan to come out and withdraw all the assertions made against me and further render an unqualified apology for his untoward action. This will be a brotherly advice for the next 72 hours of which I will take legal action against him if he fails to act accordingly.

Ernest Frimpong is here for Amenfi East Constituency with New Hope in a New Direction.

Signed ✍️
NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hopeful.
Amenfi East

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