15th July 2024

Do you easily get irritated by the actions and inactions of others? If yes then here are 10 effective ways to control such temper.

1. Smile
Smiling is one of the tools to help you overcome your bad temper of which you detest it yourself.

2. Find a place you can be alone
Whenever you get irritated by someone or a group of people, identify a lonely place where you can sit and relax.

3. Listen to music during stressful times
Music soothes the heart and keep the soul calmed. If you are such a person who gets fumed by the actions and inactions of others quickly, let music by your friend so you don’t react to sayings of people about you.

4. Don’t hold grudges.
Don’t waste your time feeling angry about events which are over and unchangeable. It will make your life harder on a day-to-day basis, but it is likely the people you feel angry at don’t even think about the issue. Shrug off old arguments and focus on making yourself happy.

5. Discuss how you feel.
If your temper mostly flares with the same person, try speaking to them differently to help make your point. If your partner doesn’t tidy the house, say, “I am upset I have to tidy every evening” rather than, “You never do any tidying.” Discuss your feelings, rather than putting down the other person, and it is likely they will stop aggravating you and will instead try to help.

6. Think of a funny memory.
If you have had a long, stressful day, anything from the commute home to burning dinner can leave you feeling angry. When you feel your temper rising over something small, think of a funny memory you have with your family or friends. Remind yourself that this is temporary, and it won’t matter in a few hours.

7. Change your mindset.
Sometimes people can make a stressful conversation even more stressful by having a negative outlook. Sometimes you have every right to be annoyed, but always try looking at the issue through another perspective. Often pessimistic thoughts can make everything seem worse than it is; try asking yourself if you are being a pessimist, an optimist or a realist.

8. Take a walk.
Exercise in itself can be a great stress reliever, as your body releases endorphins as you walk. Remove yourself from the situation that has aggravated you, take a walk and get the chance to clear your mind and gain new perspectives. When you feel ready to deal with the situation, walk back with a clear head.

9. Take a class you enjoy.
Try joining a class where you will have the opportunity to vent and express your anger through a different method. Dance, running, and Zumba classes are all great ways to let go of tension in a relaxed and happy environment.

10. Keep a journal.
Try keeping a journal of your moods over a two week period. Look out for times you have become aggravated, and times you have remained calm. Write down what happened to trigger your temper, how you dealt with your anger, and how people reacted

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