50 per cent of dating couples wait for a month before having s3x: Study


When two people are in a relationship, getting physically intimate is a gesture to show their love and affection. However, a lot of couples struggle to initiate the topic of sex as they might be worried about being judged if they made a move too fast. That brings us to this question about how long should a couple, who are dating each other, wait before having sex. In fact, an online medical consultation service called DrED.com, carried out a study on the same topic.

Almost a thousand candidates from the US and Europe participated in the survey out of which 50 per cent said that before they got physically intimate with their partner, they waited for almost a week to a month. Whereas 21 per cent participants said that they took their own sweet time, by which they meant six months, before having sex with their partner for the first time.

The participants also expressed that the ‘stress’ of waiting for an ideal time to have sex for the first time and the fear of being judged affected their relationship.


Waiting before sex 1

According to experts, when two partners want to have sex, it should be consensual and they both should be adults. This brings us to the important question of ‘consent’ or the lack of it. Even if one of the partners back out at the last moment after giving consent earlier, he or she should not be forced to have sex. Besides emotional and physical trauma of having forced sex, there are also legal consequences. It is also important that they practice safe sex to avoid the risk of getting pregnant or getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Remember, sex is just a part of a relationship and although it can make or break the bond between the partners, there are other factors like love, trust and care that goes a long way to make the relationship stronger.



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