19th July 2024

By Nana Kwasi Asuman-Frimpong

Apam Secondary School (APASS) is gearing up for a momentous milestone as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. This significant event not only marks seven decades of providing quality education but also highlights the school’s commitment to sustaining its gains in the ever-evolving technological world. With a grand durbar scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, 2023, APASS is poised to commemorate this achievement in a memorable way.

The theme for the 70th-anniversary celebration is “70 Years Of Quality Education: Sustaining Our Gains In The New Technological World.” This theme encapsulates the school’s dedication to adapting to the rapid changes brought about by technology while upholding its commitment to delivering excellence in education.


The week-long celebration kicked off with a series of activities that showcased the school’s accomplishments and its enduring impact on the community.

Today, Friday, May 26, a vibrant float procession will capture the attention of Apam residents as old and current students make their way from Apam Junction to Apam Town. This colorful display will celebrate the school’s rich history and provide an opportunity for the community to join in the festivities.

Following the float procession, an important event will take place. This is the inspection and commissioning of various projects undertaken by the Apam Secondary School Old Students Association (ASSOSA). These projects, aimed at improving the school’s infrastructure and facilities, serve as a testament to the collective efforts of the alumni in giving back to their alma mater. By investing in these enhancements, ASSOSA ensures that future generations of students will benefit from an enriched learning environment.

Continuing their commitment to community welfare, APASS and ASSOSA will also make a generous donation to the Apam Catholic Hospital.

This gesture exemplifies the school’s ethos of service to others and reinforces its role as a responsible and compassionate institution within the community. By extending support to the hospital, APASS and ASSOSA will demonstrate their commitment to the overall well-being of the Apam community.

Grand durbar

The climax of the anniversary celebrations will take place on Saturday, May 27, 2023, during the much-anticipated grand durbar. This momentous occasion will witness the presence of esteemed guests who have played influential roles in various fields. The Guest of Honour for the event is none other than President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, symbolizing the government’s recognition of APASS’s significant contributions to the educational landscape.

Adding prestige to the event is the attendance of Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, the outgoing Chief Justice and an alumnus of Apam Secondary School from the 1976 year group. His presence not only highlights the achievements of APASS alumni but also serves as an inspiration to current students. Justice Anin-Yeboah’s journey from APASS to the pinnacle of the judiciary exemplifies the school’s commitment to nurturing individuals who make significant contributions to society.

Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, outgoing Chief Justice and an alumnus of Apam Secondary School from the 1976 year group, will grace the occasion

Professor Peter Kojo Tsiwah Grant, an accomplished alumnus from the 1990 year group, will serve as the main speaker for the grand durbar. As an expert in his field, Professor Grant’s insights will shed light on sustaining educational gains in an ever-evolving technological era. His address will inspire both students and alumni to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

The event will also be graced by other distinguished dignitaries, including Dr. Adutwum, the Minister of Education, and Mr. Kwasi Amoako Atta, the Minister of Roads and Highways. Their presence signifies the government’s support and appreciation for the pivotal role APASS plays in shaping the nation’s future leaders.

Additionally, Dr. Ishmael Yamson, an accomplished business personality from Yamson and Associates and an old student of APASS, will be present, further underscoring the school’s legacy of producing successful individuals who excel in various fields.

Dr. Ishmael Yamson, an accomplished businessman of Yamson and Associates and an old student of APASS, will grace the occasion


Furthermore, the grand durbar will be a homecoming for thousands of members of the Apam Secondary School Old Students Association (ASSOSA). This gathering of alumni from different generations will provide a unique opportunity for networking, reminiscing, and strengthening the bonds forged during their time at APASS.

Some Members of ASSOSA USA attending a special 70th Anniversary programme organised in the USA

The event will also serve as a platform for ASSOSA to contribute to the school’s future development through a fundraising initiative in aid of a library complex. This endeavor reflects the alumni’s commitment to supporting APASS and ensuring that future generations have access to resources that promote academic excellence.

A Visual Art block renovated by the 1980 ASSOSA Group

As Apam Secondary School commemorates 70 years of educational excellence, it stands as a testament to the power of quality education in transforming lives and shaping communities. The anniversary celebration not only acknowledges the achievements of the past but also emphasizes the school’s commitment to embracing the challenges and opportunities of the new technological world.

Justice Nene Amegatcher, a Supreme Court Judge and Old Student of APASS, speaking at the launch of the 70th Anniversary

APASS, through its sustained dedication to providing quality education, continues to nurture generations of individuals who will make significant contributions to society.

The writer is an ASSOSA (2007 year group)
Reconstruction of the school’s internal roads with Asphalt overlay is ongoing. (Project by ASSOSA)

Mr. Ato Sey (former boss of FreeZone Board), Media Personality Blessed Godsbrain (Captain) Smart and Mr. Paul Acquah, members of ASSOSA at an ASSOSA event

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