19th July 2024

The Western Regional police command has cautioned the irate youth of Apremdo against taking the law into their own hands. The youth have been threatening to avenge the shooting of a 56-year-old woman, Elizabeth Nkrumah, on Sunday evening by one Emmanuel Kwofie.

The police insists that the youth have no right visiting the sins of Madam Nkrumah’s killer on his innocent mother.

The police stated that the youth would be made to face the full rigours of the law if they dared carry out their retaliatory threat.

The Western Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Olivia Ewurabena Adiku, issued the warning on a local radio in the area in response to threats by some youth in the Apremdo community to avenge Ms Nkrumah’s murder.


The youth have threatened to avenge the death of Ms Nkrumah on the mother of her killer. According to them, their intended action is in line with the ‘Mosaic Law’ of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, saying they do not believe in “vengeance being the Lord’s.” The police PRO,  however, maintains that the youth  have no such right.

She stated that any attempted attack on the life of Kwofie’s mother by the youth would be responded to by the police.

She reminded the youth that they are not living in a jungle or lawless society where evil deeds are carried out without punishing perpetrators.

It is in this vein that she has urged chiefs and opinion leaders in the community to call the youth to order.


August 14 will go down in history as ‘black Sunday’ at Apramdo, in the Effia-Kwesimintim municipality, following the death of two of the residents in a gory manner.

A 32-year-old man, Emmanuel Kwofie, shot and killed one Elizabeth Nkrumah, 56, and stabbed himself to death afterwards. Ms Nkrumah was the mother of the ‘baby mama’ of Kwofie.

Reports say he killed the woman for denying him the opportunity to marry her daughter who happened to be the mother of Kwofie’s only child. Kwofie, popularly known in the area as Kilomanjaro, after shooting the woman, stabbed himself to death, with his intestines gushing out.

According to reports, Kwofie was dating a school going girl in the same community some years ago, and got her pregnant. The girl’s family, particularly her mother (the deceased), did not approve of the relationship, and therefore rejected marriage proposal from Kwofie.

The heartbroken Kwofie, who blamed the girlfriend’s mother for his inability to marry the lady, on Sunday at about 10:30 pm forcibly broke into the compound of Ms Nkrumah, who was said to be in the bathroom at that time. When she came out to confront the intruder, she was shot in both thighs.

Soon after shooting the woman, the heartbroken Kwofie went to the back of the building where he stabbed himself.

There are rumours that the Ms Nkrumah opposed her daughter’s relationship with Kwofie because he was said to be an ex-convict who was involved in criminal activities in and outside Apremdo.

The police, however, say they have no such record about the assailant.

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