19th July 2024

General Secretary of GAAM, Obeng Dennis, addresses the gathering

Members of the Ghana Association of Assembly Members (GAAM) have resurrected the discussion on the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs). According to the Association, it is ready to collaborate with stakeholders to work on a referendum to elect MMDCEs.

The General Secretary of the Association, Obeng Dennis, speaking at the Western North Region, said the Association believes election of MMDCEs will go a long way to deepen Ghana’s decentralisation and local governance.

GAAM is the latest to add its voice to the resurrected discussion after the government shelved the move due to lack of consensus.

Early this month, participants at a day’s workshop organised by the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) also called on the government to let the discussion begin.

According to them, electing the MMDCEs would go a long way to deepen Ghana’s democracy, and to accelerate the administrative and fiscal decentralisation process in the country.

The participants maintained that making the office of MMDCEs elective would make the the occupants more responsive and accountable to their constituents.


Mr Obeng was at the Western North Region to inaugurate new leaders of the Association in the region. This is part of the vision of GAAM to unify the various Assembly members nationwide. The decentralisation of activities of GAAM is also to enhance smooth running of the various electoral areas and to ensure development.

He urged members of the Association to use their opportunity to develop their various electoral areas, rather than yearning for their personal interests.

He also appealed to the government representatives and chiefs present at the inauguration to help them fight for the welfare of Assembly members, which includes having electoral area fund, scholarship for assemblymembers and other opportunities.

MMDCEs confirmation

Mr Obeng used the occasion to appeal to delegates and newly sworn in executives to work with government to hasten the confirmation of various MMDCEs, when nominated by the president. This, he said, would hasten the developments within the districts.

He stated that the Assembly members should ensure that the work of the MMDCEs is not delayed further upon their nomination, knowing that the appointment had already delayed.

He further urged the electorate present to support their various Assembly members in their quest to develop their various electoral areas.

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