Casford Hall Paints UCC RED As It climaxes Its Hall Week celebration With A “Mega Morale”


Casfordians invaded UCC campus in style as they marked their hall week celebration with an “All-Red” attire,and changed the campus atmosphere to red amid singing and dancing to climax their 52nd “BIIBIBA” Hall Week celebration on Friday morning.

They came into the campus in their numbers, numbering almost 5-Thousand students dressed in different costumes.

Some were adorn with ladies wigs, shoes, skirts and dresses while others put on dreadful macks to conceal their identities. They literary brought every activity on campus to a standstill as students, drivers, hawkers,and some of the University works gather to watch them perform what they termed as “Casford morale”.

During the morale, these energetic casfordians danced and entertained almost everyone who stood to watched them while some of the spectators were amused by the way some casfordians danced to the morale tunes by removing their trousers and bending down to expose their hairy anuses and their bushy balls. Some of them were sleeping on the main road causing vehicular traffic.

Some people say, this year’s Casford hall week celebration is successful, peaceful, and very interesting.

Casford hall week begun one week after we witnessed a very disappointing VALCO hall week celebration.

Last year, Casford hall week was cancelled by the hall executives when the school authorities brought heavy police force to prevent violence.

The students fell intimidated and threatened and they had to end the hall week abruptly.



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