15th July 2024

The Director of Happy Royal International School(HaRIS), Emelia Agbenyenu has entreated school-going children to embrace new challenges that comes their way in their academic career. 

She said anytime students find themselves in the next phase of their academic life, they should be self-disciplined and motivated with the words; “I’ve made it once and I’ll do it again.”

Mrs Agbenyenu who was speaking at the 2022 academic year graduation held at the school’s premises in Oyarifa, encouraged the students that their success did not come by accident but through efforts of both students, teachers and parents working harmoniously together towards a common goal.

Academic resilience.

She added that every student is unique and valuable in their own way but should be allowed to grow with others, as a class, in order to establish the love of playing and learning together to bond with others.

“Dear students, cherish this moment and take a look around you. You came as individuals but here you’re one big family. By this you pick up new words from your classmates, hopefully not bad words and you’ve learned to appreciate your classmates for who they are,” she said.

“Your teachers are full of admiration for the way you competed in class. Your resilience has led you to higher heights. Capture some parts of day in your hearts, and be proud that today marks the successful end of one stage of your academic life. A milestone, a breakthrough, this is what Graduation is really about,” she added. 

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