Fight for Sanitation; Chief advocates more power for chiefs


The Sanaahene of Odau Traditional area, Baffour Korankye Adade I, has appealed to the government to consider giving power to chiefs to enforce laws on Sanitation.

According to Baffour Adade I, this will help bring sanity in our societies. He stated that when chiefs have the power to make by-laws and are giving the power to enforce it and punish culprit who fall foul to such laws, no Ghanaian will to break such laws.

Baffour Korankye also called on the various Assembly members to play their part in the sanitation struggle. He suggested the revisiting of the communal labour days as means of cleaning up the various communities.

Baffour Korankye Adade who was speaking to the also expressed grief on the poor nature of roads in their area. He appealed to the government and the ministry of Roads and Highways to at least reshape the road connecting Akyem Osenase Akyem Oda.



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