Five ways to have more and better sex with your partner


But for some, spicing things up in the bedroom or finding the time to get frisky seems like a mountain to climb.

But, according to sexpert, Alix Fox, getting your kicks has never been easier.

She’s here to give us all a helping hand on how to go from ‘Oh, really?!’ to ‘OOOOOOOHHH YES!’

Here’s her five easy tips to getting plenty in 2020.

Be prepared to have some fun!

1. Don’t get naked

Not stripping down can strip precious minutes off how long a quickie takes.

Magic wand style vibrators emit impressively strong rumbles that have enough oomph to deliver an orgasm fast, even through jeans.

For a new take on breast stimulation, wear a top woven from a sensual material such as a silky vest.

Have your partner tease you by moving the fabric – use the clothing itself as a sensory tool.

2. Mutual masturbation

A poll conducted by Japanese designer sex toy firm Tenga found that 27% of women and 21% men say that they sometimes prefer masturbation over partnered sex.

So why not self-pleasure together?

Mutual masturbation is not only a fantastic way to learn about how and where your lover likes to be touched, but can also help introduce more shared exciting experiences.

Try laying back to back while you both masturbate.

See how long it takes before you can’t resist turning around.

Up the stakes by tying your partner so they’re unable to reach their own moan zones while you teasingly get yourself off in front of their eyes.

3. Layer up the lube

There are all sorts of reasons why a woman’s body might start to produce less natural vaginal moisture: hormonal changes caused by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, stress or the side-effects of certain medications.

If dryness is causing discomfort during sex use lubricant.

A water-based variety like WooWoo Arousal Boosting Lubricant is a decent place to start, but menopausal women in particular often need deeper forms of moisturisation.

4. Period sex

Period sex is a personal matter. Some women suffer from painful cramps and uncomfortable bloating while they’re menstruating which really puts them off getting frisky.

But there are also a huge number of couples who avoid being intimate for roughly one week in every four because of myths, misunderstandings and stigma attached to this very natural bodily process.

They’re unnecessarily missing out on a lot of potentially bloody good fun!

A recent survey of 2,000 people conducted by sanitary towel brand, Bodyform, revealed that almost half of adults said they’d never have sex during a woman’s period – and 23% of men and 14% of women confessed they’d never even talk about it.

About half admitted that making a mess was their main concern.

If this is your fear try using disposable sponge tampons which are soft and have no string so they can be worn during intercourse, or wear a disc-shaped Intimina Ziggy menstrual cup, which fits over the cervix to collect blood.

5. Try body mapping

Sex doesn’t just have to mean intercourse.

Expanding your ideas of what sorts of sexual play could be thrilling, and which parts of your body might feel great to be stroked, massaged, vibrated or sucked gives you loads more options.

Start off with body mapping: a guided exercise that takes you through slowly touching different parts of yourself – both outside and inside – and recognising which bits feel luscious and electrifying (or weird or unpleasant).


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