22nd July 2024

”About 65% of road accidents in the country are caused by the law enforcement agencies”, says Communication Director of Ghana Gas, Ernest Owusu Bempah.

Speaking on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma, Owsus Bempah stated emphatically that Ghana Police are the cause of road accidents in the country.

“You will see a Sprinter and Articulator with a heavy load on a highway at top speed at a Police barrier and yet will not be arrested. These trucks can park anywhere yet no one will arrest them. There are so many Police barriers on our highways yet they don’t do the right thing. They can look on while articulator with a flat tire overspends and passes by the Police barrier without any arrest…So until the Police begin to do the right thing, the indiscipline on our roads will continue to persist”, he said.

“The law must take its cause when one is arrested. The offenders must be prosecuted to face the law to serve as a deterrent to others…The right procedure must be taken because the majority of them are not doing their job right”, he stressed.

Source: Peacefmonline

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