16th July 2024

Here’s why your partner needs space, as per their zodiac sign

Being in a romantic relationship gives you the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the love of your life. Until and unless you two aren’t tired of each other, there’s nothing that can tear you two apart. However, that does not mean you overlook your partner’s need for space and their will to be alone. Considering the current times, where you may have had to share a roof with your partner for the longest of time, surely one of you have faced many challenges trying to assert the need for personal space and the possibility of practicing individuality.

That being said, although, you may have not experienced such discomfort, but it is important to check on your partner too. If they haven’t been themselves recently or are unusually distant from you, it might mean they are going through a rough time dealing with their relationship with you. Therefore, with the help of astrology, here’s how you can find out if your partner desperately needs some space, as per their zodiac sign.


For anybody who knows an Aries, knows well that they aren’t the type who like to be contained. Known for their free-spirited and impulsive personalities, they can neither be controlled nor be tied down by emotions. Although, they love their partners and will go an extraordinary mile to please them, it is not in their nature to be restricted and whenever they feel the need for space, they’ll make sure to express it.


Taureans love being with their partners and spending quality time with them. However, they have their little corners at home where they feel comfort and warmth. For a Taurean, their comfort zone is something they hardly like to share with anyone, even their partners. If anyone intrudes that space, although they won’t be vocal about it, their unease will ooze out of their frustrations and annoyance.


When a Gemini needs space, they will be very vocal about it. They aren’t the type who can hide their feelings and even if they do, they will resort to mockery and sarcasm to get to you and convey their message.


Cancerians aren’t usually the type who would demand space from their partners. They believe in spending quality time with their loved ones and will not seek otherwise. But if in case they ever need it, they won’t say it out loud but will seem emotionally distant and will depict it through their irritation.


Leos are the more productive type when they need to get away from you. There won’t be any conversations or discussions around the matter, instead they’ll engage themselves in household chores, DIYs and other creative things that will occupy their mind. It not only gives them the break they need but also makes them feel good about themselves.


Virgos are known for their perfectionist attitude. They are highly critical of anything that seems flawed or isn’t up to the mark. While Virgos do not seem the type who’d go cribbing about their need for space, they’ll surely make it obvious by being more critical of the work you do or will disagree with everything you say. But instead of reacting and turning it into a big argument, it is crucial that you understand their state of mind and give them what they need.


Librans are very level-headed people, who aim for a balanced and a peaceful relationship. They aren’t the type who go looking for conflicts and inviting problems. However, in case they really need some space from their partners, they will become very passive aggressive. Instead of handling situations directly, they’ll be very subtle in expressing their demands.


A Scorpion knows his/her way around getting things done. When they want some space, they won’t be very upfront about it, but will be unusually quiet and mysterious. They’ll make you uneasy and guilty about a lot of things that somehow will make you distance yourself from them, eventually giving them exactly what they need.


For a Sagittarian, their independence and freedom is everything to them. And no matter how much they love you they won’t sacrifice it for you. They’re absolutely bound by the idea of adventures and if in case they need some space from you, don’t be alarmed or surprised, if they just take off with their friends on a vacation.


If you’re dating a Capricorn, you probably already know the rules. Capricorns are very organized and practical about their lifestyle. They are also very particular about their schedule for the day. Therefore, while they map out everything they’re supposed to do in a day, there won’t necessarily be a problem regarding space.


Aquarians are also someone who cannot do without their independence. That being said, they aren’t the type who would sacrifice their own being for the sake of others. Therefore, when they need some space from their partners, they’ll either be vocal about it or will take a break from the relationship, doing what they love doing.


Pisceans are the type who love being with their partners. However, if they need some space from their partners, they do so very subtly, without you even noticing. They will self-isolate themselves in ways that will seem very natural and by the time you notice it, they’ll be back to their usual self.
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