How to Overcome the Fear of Having Sex


A real question that most women come across once they get married is how to overcome the fear of having sex. Will it hurt? What should I do to keep things interesting during sex? What if I don’t enjoy it? We’ll give you the answer you’re looking for, and we’ll tell you how to overcome the fear of having sex. But first things first, you need to understand deep inside that having sex with your husband is a great way for both of you to connect on so many levels. It’s the greatest form of intimacy, and at the end of the day, it also shows how perfectly you guys can communicate and understand one another. Now, here’s how to overcome your sex fears:

1. The fear of having sex might be due to feeling a bit insecure about your body. But the thing is, men aren’t that confident either. Both of you guys love each other the way you are, and focusing on your flaws and being too hard on yourself won’t do you any good. We’d recommend you let go of the fear of having sex and focus more on how you present and carry yourself. And what matters the most is the emotional connection both of you have together.

2. Another helpful tip to overcome the fear of having sex is to set up the right mood and atmosphere in the room, one where you can relax and use things such as candles and roses or whatever you personally fantasize about.

3. Of course this goes without saying, but make sure that the man you’re married to is understanding and you can easily talk to about anything bothering you. If you’re scared of having sex, he needs to know that to also consider how to help you overcome your fear of having sex. You could perhaps ask him to guide you through it and show you what he likes.

4. Try to think of sex as a fun activity between you and your husband, as it brings you closer on many levels. Try not to think of sex too much and worry about it, instead let your emotions take the lead.

5. Obviously, if you’re worried about having sex, then you’ll need to take things a bit slow.  Beat your fear of having sex and start off with kissing and plenty of foreplay to step into the right mood. A nice massage with some oil would help get you both ready for the night.

6. Introduce playfulness and humor to sex without having your partner think you’re laughing at him. This certainly helps you overcome the fear of having sex and makes the situation much calmer and relaxed.

7. Remember to breathe! Breathing is very helpful when it comes to overcoming the fear of having sex. If you feel a bit uncomfortable just remember to take a deep breath and try to relax!

Dropping a last note: Make sure both you and your husband love the act heartily, because you enjoy being together and getting closer. Enjoy the moment and give your head some time off. Acting off of emotions is the best piece of advice we can give you to overcome the fear of having sex with your husband.


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