15th July 2024

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has pointed out that there is no policy in place for KGL Technology Limited to take over the running of the Authority.


The Authority also says it is not creating any monopoly for the company, and has therefore asked the public and the media to disregard such allegations.


“KGL Technology Limited is only an online Lotto marketing company duly licensed by NLA and operates on behalf of NLA aimed at supporting the revenue generational capacity of the Authority and nothing more or less,” the Authority said in a statement.


Reacting to comments by the Ghana Lotto Operators Association (GLOA), it regretted that the resolution of a 30-year old impasse between private lotto operators and NLA is at the brink of collapse “due to reckless and irresponsible conduct of some members of GLOA and its allied group known as Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG)”.

It noted that members of GLOA are just behaving ignorantly or perhaps its lawyers are advising them wrongly.




In setting the records straight, NLA noted that Keed Ghana Limited is not the same as KGL Technology Limited in terms of operations.

It explained that Keed Ghana Limited is duly licensed by the NLA to operate a dividend-based game known as Lucky 3 with an official short code of *987# while KGL Technology Limited is an online lotto marketing company duly licensed by the NLA to operate the 5/90 Original Lotto with the official short code of *959#.

“The partnership between NLA and KGL Technology Limited could be best described as a game changer, and the partnership is a million times profitable to NLA unlike the licenses issued to members of Ghana Lotto Operators Association including Alpha Lotto Limited,” the statement read.


The statement noted that both entities have their respective licences duly approved by the board of NLA in accordance with the National Lotto Act 722 and Lottery Regulations, 2008(L. I. 1948).

On issue of indebtedness, the Authority said that KGL Technology Limited is not indebted to NLA to the tune of GHC20 million, saying “it important for the media and the general public to totally ignore and wholly reject the frivolous, lies and unsubstantiated allegations by GLOA against KGL Technology Limited.”

No political attachment

Additionally, it noted that KGL Technology Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company with no political attachments, saying comments that suggest that the company is linked with government appointees are unfortunate.


It therefore said that all the allegations leveled against the presidency, appointees, Alex Dadey, Razak Kojo Opoku and Ernest Mote by GLOA, CLAAG and their allies are all lies.


It said President Nana Akufo-Addo is rather fully committed to protecting the Authority from collapsing.

The NLA said it is out of ignorance that GLOA sought to create misleading information that there is a KGL cabal with intentions of creating a monopoly over online lotto for the company to the disadvantage of the state and other operators.


Revocation of license

The NLA further maintained its grounds on the activities of Alpha Lotto Limited, saying the company operated an illegal short code and live draws on GTV.

It is in this direction that the Authority said it would not hesitate to revoke the licences of private lotto operators which are not operating within the terms and conditions of their respective licences.

“The National Lottery Authority (NLA) as the regulator would also not allow any private lotto operator to operate short code without the appropriate license from the Board of NLA. As the Regulator, we would not allow any private lotto company to conduct independent live draws on TV without a Draw Committee duly constituted by NLA in accordance with the National Lotto Act 722 and Lottery Regulations, 2008(L.I. 1948),” portions of the statement said.

With regard to licences issued by the former Director-General of NLA to all private lotto operators, NLA noted that they were without board approval, as stipulated in National Lotto Act 722 and Lottery Regulations 2008(L.I.1948).


It therefore noted that the Authority would never allow the illegal activities of some GLOA and CLAAG members to collapse the NLA.


The NLA maintained that it is very happy with the KGL partnership and “absolutely no media noise from GLOA, CLAAG and their allies would stop it because the partnership is a game changer and more profitable to NLA.”


“The allegations by GLOA against KGL Technology Limited, Keed Ghana Limited and Mr Alex Dadey are all lies, frivolous and baseless,” it added.

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