16th July 2024

Prof Michael Kpessa-Whyte

The Supreme Court has reached a verdict in the case of  a university law lecturer and staunch supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Professor Kpessa-Whyte was charged with contempt of court after referring to the apex court as a “Stupid Court” in a Twitter post and criticizing the judiciary for alleged partisanship and ‘lacking common sense’.

Initially pleading not guilty to the charge of scandalizing the court, Professor Kpessa-Whyte later changed his plea to guilty with an explanation, and eventually pleaded guilty. Despite offering an unreserved apology and clarifying that he did not intend to denigrate the Supreme Court, he was summoned by the court to explain his remarks.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, a five-member panel, led by Justice Mariama Owusu, convicted Professor Kpessa-Whyte based on his own plea of guilty. He was charged with scandalizing the Supreme Court, ridiculing the court, and prejudicing the highest court in the land.

During the court proceedings, Dr. Justice Srem Sai, a lawyer representing Kpessa-Whyte, pleaded for leniency on behalf of his client, assuring the court that Kpessa-Whyte deeply regretted his actions and would never repeat such a blunder. Dr. Srem Sai emphasized that his client was committed to defending the integrity of the Supreme Court, its justices, and the entire judiciary.

Taking into account the plea for mitigation and the earlier apology and retraction of the contemptuous comments, the court adjourned to chambers to deliberate on the appropriate punishment for Professor Kpessa-Whyte. The fate of the university law lecturer is yet to be determined by the Supreme Court.

Credit: newsalertgh.com

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