14th July 2024

The Managing Director of Standard Travel Tours Company Mr Goodness Okeke has 5advocated for the promotion and patronage of Domestic Tourism in Ghana to boost the industry. According to him that’s the only way the tourism industry will blossom and grow in the country.

By so doing , the Ghanaian will know the country better and keep the money that would have been spent on foreign trips here for development. Even though he would not rule out foreign tourism for people to get exposed to other countries, people,culture and network but he said ‘Charity Begins at Home’.

He advised Ghanaians to know their country better since there are so many attractive tourist sites to be explored. His decision to open the company is to expand the tourism horisen in the country to encourage Ghanaian citizens to cultivate the habit of visiting some unknown sites in their own country to see natural sites ,feel the atmosphere of other parts of the country.

He indicated that his new company is poised to helping reboot the country’s vibrant tourist sites and ecosytems especially after the Covid 19 period. The pandemic made overseas travel almost impossible so he is looking within to fill the gap created to avoid future occurance.The move is also to attract global tourism in Ghana, for if the people themselves cherish what they have they can then woo outsiders to partner them to expand the industry.

The CEO emphasised on the provision of quality,professional and affordable service to prospective clients who may need STT’s service. The company may also facilitate the smooth travel regime and with tight security and accommodation .He argued that the time has come for Ghanaians to look inwards to partake in their own backyard.

He assured the authorities gathered that his company will make it possible for every pocket to meet the cost of this business venture at the most moderate and competitive pricing.

All this happened under the auspices of the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Arts, Ghana Tourism Authority, Ghana Hoteliers Association of Ghana, among others in Accra .

They also gave solidarity speeches in support of this novelty and commended the CEO of STT Company for the bold initiative he has embarked on.

They pledged their support and cooperation to the company and wished it success in the new venture. They however bemoaned the poor infrastructure to most sites that need to be tackled to fast track the industry to attract more local people in this regard.

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