15th July 2024

Interview by Hazel Herrington of Business Man Magazine

Despite numerous donations and debt relief, progress in sub-Saharan
Africa has been poor to none.

We can only accept this new power battle between the three great power centers, or continue to connect economies, promote global
cooperation, trust, and business. In the Global Chamber of Business
Leaders, we will definitely be on the side of the latter.

Being on the side of cooperation will mean being on the side of peace, and this will be especially important in the future.

This will lead to more instability in the world, especially in the
underdeveloped part. As the US, EU and China are closing, there will be less and less room for the spread of economic progress, knowledge and
technology to the rest of the world.

The process of outsourcing
production has reduced economic differences between countries and global inequality for decades. A new world, a new world order is emerging. A departure, in short, from everything that is well known to us.

A period of crisis is coming for Europe, the USA, China, and the rest of the developed world. A period of famine is coming for Africa. Most of the success in the global fight against poverty in recent decades has been achieved due to the economic progress of China and India.

HH: What opportunities do you see in 2023 for businesses and entrepreneurs?

It’s hard to see into the future. No one has a crystal ball to predict the
future. In any case, global
connectivity would generate trade volume as well as keep investment levels at a level that would ensure
global economic growth and thus much-needed optimism. Instead, as
we can see, an era of isolationism is coming.

HH: What is your definition of power?

I could laughingly reply that nature knows the best answer to this question, because nature has the
greatest and ultimate power in this world.

In the world of business and the leaders, the greatest power is certainly what we call charisma; self-confidence, which should not be exaggerated,
narcissistic, then broad knowledge, rich experience, and finally strong smooth communication. Everything
else is just a consequence.

HH: How do you think power dynamics are changing in the global landscape?

The geopolitical map of the world is changing. After several decades of greater connection and cooperation
comes the time of growth of isolationism and protectionism. Every
part of the world strives to become self-sufficient and less dependent
on others.

Let me say that I am extremely proud of my colleagues and
colleagues in the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. I am especially proud of the cooperation between them and the relationship that has become like watching a dispersed family living around the world. I have never encountered such belonging and desire to be part of something that will be a change for a better tomorrow in my life.

Leading such an organization is perhaps the most beautiful and best thing that can happen to you in your life. Especially since you are surrounded by such special people.

HH: What strategies do you
recommend for creating
sustainable success in today’s economy?

As I said before, I myself am a big supporter of global economic cooperation and further integration, not protectionism and isolationism.

We see that inflation, for example, is becoming a growing global problem and that the world is sliding towards recession.

It’s just a waste of time when the world will find itself there, in recession. Perhaps the key to this will be the latest OPEC+ decision, taken a few days ago. Now we would need more cooperation, not

Personally, I am a supporter of development strategies that are based on the principle of sustainability performance and include solutions for nature, the economy, and society, i.e. people.

If ever, it is especially important right now that strategies include sustainable initiatives that we can sovereignly support with our core capabilities, for example, knowledge, know-how, technologies, or anything else we are good at. It is necessary to create strategies in such a way as to achieve the highest possible social impact.
We also need to understand the micro and macro environment in which we operate.

Both people and the economy now urgently need some new optimism, and the world needs integration and cooperation. We all seem to be watching helplessly as the world changes before our eyes.

For those who know how to see opportunities, crises never exist.

Opportunities must be sought in niches, perhaps in the modus operandi of a changing world.

Certainly in the segments that deal with the problems of logistics, climate change, IT technology, artificial intelligence, microchips, etc.

HH: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing businesses today?

The biggest problem is definitely disruptions in supply chains that cause shortages, be it microchips, spare parts, raw materials, or energy sources, and even food.

In many cases, there are no
insurmountable obstacles behind these disturbances, but only speculative purchases.

Speculation drives inflation, causes constant price increases, major market disruptions, and diminishes people’s purchasing power. Most of those with the lowest incomes.

The time period in which we live now is therefore certainly one of the most unpredictable and complex time periods of our lifetime for most entrepreneurs.

HH: What does it take to build a powerful global organization today?

You cannot build a strong
organization, the strength of the organization is always in the people who are part of the organization. In fact, people are an organization.

The stronger the people, the
stronger their experience,
knowledge, and the more
interconnected they are, the greater the strength of the organization.

And we must be able to anticipate those factors that make it necessary to
consolidate strategies again and again and adapt them to necessary changes.

The ability to make quick decisions is more important today than ever before.

HH: What is your advice for maintaining well-being in a fast-paced and ever-changing world?

Giving from the heart, loving and being loved is probably the best advice for
well-being during this turbulent time. And doing whatever relaxes someone,
whatever that is. To live as everyone wants and as it makes them happy, even
if it means moving away from some social patterns and norms. To seek and
find inner peace, and to be truly happy, also means to live a truly full life, and
that is the greatest thing, true nirvana.

HH: How do you personally
maintain well-being and inner balance on a daily basis?

I have very little free time and when I do, I try to relax as much as possible. I really enjoy the moments with rare but good and true friends.

I also like a good read, I enjoy watching shows about nature, especially fauna. I like good music and sometimes I just lie down and listen to music.

Of course, all of the above only happens when I’m not working, but I work every day. Sometimes up to 20 hours a day. Many people warn me that I will burn out because of workaholism, but I am happy to tell them that when a person does what he would do even if he had to do it for free, he cannot burn out.

HH: What do you see as the key trends affecting business in the years ahead?

Depending on the sociological development of society, trends will also develop in the future.

At this point, it would be hard for me to predict future trends, let alone for years to come. For example, in 2020, when powerful social changes began, the trends were completely different, even diametrically opposed to what they were just a year later. Years of change and adjustment are coming, I would say. I hope for years of solidarity, understanding and cooperation. If so, we will be generational winners, otherwise…we’ll see.

HH: What do you think are the biggest challenges and
opportunities facing the global economy in 2023?

The greatest opportunities always come from the greatest challenges.

And the challenges are what will most likely be filled with the year 2023 as well. The world economy will almost face a recession and we can only hope that there will be no outbreaks of new major conflicts around the world.

We must strive hard for this, but at the same time we must do everything to bring peace to Ukraine. There is an urgent need to bring the leaders involved in this war to the negotiating table. Urgent and immediately.

The year 2023 will therefore
probably be a very unpredictable year economically.

Macroeconomists predict that at least until the middle of 2023, inflation around the world will continue to grow. I personally think that it will be a success if we manage to tame inflation at least until the end of 2023.

I don’t even see an end to the current logistical problems. The deindustrialization of Europe is predicted. In short, the predictions for 2023 are by no means rosy.

Changes are not necessarily bad, especially if we know how to anticipate them and look for opportunities in them.

I personally believe that the coming years will not only be years of great challenges, but also years of great opportunities.

We don’t have any major reasons to be pessimistic, so let’s be optimistic and everything will be fine.

HH: What advice would you give to aspiring business leaders looking to achieve success in the years ahead?

I would advise them to live with their eyes open and their ears on the alert.

In this way, they will be able to see every opportunity and hear everything that can lead them to an opportunity for success.

I would advise those who are just about to embark on the entrepreneurial journey to always be aware of the deviance of greed and to never be greedy.

I know, it’s hard not to be greedy in this world of greed and selfishness, but
still. Greed will eventually destroy any good opportunity and send them
back to square one. Instead of the desire for quick success and money,
they should rather listen to their heart and intuition, and to all those who have already walked the path they are now walking.

They should never be faced with a dilemma: Heart or money.

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