Mahama will cancel trainee-nurses allowance-Nana B

The youth wing of the New Patriotic Party has stated that former President Mahama is preparing the grounds for a possible cancellation of the nurses trainees allowance should he get the opportunity to become president again.
According to the youth wing in a release signed by it’s National Youth Organiser, Henry Nana Boakye Nana B, utterances by the former President and his assigns are indicative that the former President does not believe in the Trainees allowances and given the opportunity they will cancel the allowance again like they did ahead of the 2016 General election.
Mr. Boakye however added that trainee nurses do not have “short memory” as purported by Mr. Mahama and will not give him the opportunity to cancel the allowances.
The NPP youth wing was responding to a video that has gone viral on social media where some young men and women purported to be students of the College of Nursing and Midwifery, Nalerigu are seen calling for the come back of the  former President.
Nalerigu Deception
According to Mr. Boakye, investigation conducted by the NPP Youth Wing suggests that “the political gimmick” that ensued in Nalerigu is nothing but a “staged and choreographed play that depicts the desperation of Frm. President Mahama to massage his unpopularity among trainee nurses and Ghanaians in general.”
He said the NPP Youth Wing’s investigations have revealed that the about 20 young men and women seen in the said video were TEIN( NDC Students wing) members who were induced financially to put up that play to deceive unsuspecting trainee nurses.
“It is important to emphasize that the Management of the College as well as the SRC of the College, in a separate press statements released on Saturday, have condemned the shameful act and has disassociated themselves from same stating that the school has over two thousand (2,000) students and that the conduct of the about 20 students does not reflect the position and sentiments of the entire student population.” He said.
Inhumane treatment 
The NPP Youth wing has also called for an apology for the students and their parents for what they describe as “inhumane and cruel treatment meted out to the students”.
“In the said video, the students were instructed by persons that accompanied Fmr. President Mahama to kneel down in the scorching sun and render apology to him ostensibly for voting against him in 2016. We strongly condemn this inhumane and cruel treatment meted out to the students and demand that Fmr. President Mahama should render an apology to the victims and their parents.”
Restoration of allowances 
The NPP Youth Wing stated that President Akufo-Addo has remained faithful to trainee nurses relative to his promises to them prior to the 2016 elections as confirmed by the two press statements released by both the Management and SRC of Nalerigu NMTC.
“In less that one year upon assumption of office, the Nana Addo led NPP Government restored the nursing Trainees allowance with over hundred thousand (100,000) health trainees receiving Ghc400 each as monthly allowance.” The statement said.
Mr. Boakye added that a total of GH¢198.2million was released from September 2018 to June 2019 to pay all trainees in public health training institutions.
“President Akufo–Addo upon assumption of office in 2017 removed the ban placed on the employment of health workers that rendered tens of thousands of trained nurses and other health workers unemployed between 2012 and 2016. In 2017, a total of eighteen thousand (18,000) health workers were employed. Recruitment of additional 54,000 health workers has commenced early this year. By December 2019, a total of 72,000 health workers that were thrown into the wilderness of joblessness by the Incompetent and insensitive Mahama would be gainfully employed by the Nana Addo led NPP Government.” The statement said.
Mr. Boakye stated that “every single cruel and unacceptable policy implemented  to the detriment of trainee nurses by the erstwhile Mahama led NDC Government has been reversed by President Akufo-Addo and much better policies introduced.”
He stated that “it therefore comes as a surprise, the strenuous efforts by Mr. Mahama to unsuccessfully pitch trainee nurses against the NPP.”
He has therefore impressed upon trainee nurses to be weary of the lies and deception of Mr. Mahama and the NDC party and vote massively against them in 2020 to protect the Trainee Nurses Allowance Payment Policy and the automatic job placement regime.


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