19th July 2024

The Divisional Chief of Dorm in the Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Bediako Baah Muala III, has extolled the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Lower Manya Krobo, Simon Kweku Tetteh, for his sterling performance in the area.
According to the chief, the hard work of the MCE has lifted the image of the municipality, improving the local economy.
He indicated that educational projects initiated by the Akufo-Addo government had improved education performance in the area.
Additionally, he eulogized the MCE for the completion of National Health Insurance (NHIS) and Electoral Commission offices in the area, saying such projects will improve healthcare delivery and promote good democratic governance.
Addressing a durbar to mark the celebration of this year’s Ngmayem festival at Manya Kpongunor, Nene Baah stated that the chiefs and people in the area were satisfied with the work of the MCE.
“What I want to say is that I am highly impressed and satisfied with the performance of the Municipal Chief Executive, Simon Kweku Tetteh; he has done jealously well, and in our history, no one can be equated to him,” he said.

The chief, however, used the occasion to highlight some challenges in the area, urging the MCE to work hard to resolve those challenges.
He mentioned that the town and main roads spanning Atua to Kpong were not in good shape, necessitating urgent attention, and also pleaded with the central government to release necessary statutory funds for the assembly to execute its work.
He noted that the MCE had proven to have the vision to develop the area but lacked the needed resources to bring all his good intentions to reality.
The Chief, a budget expert with over 39 years of experience, said assemblies needed the requisite funding to be able to execute projects and programmes stated in their budget, hence the call on the central government to release resources to the assembly.

The MCE, who is also an aspiring parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), assured the people of the resolve of the government to extend development to every part of the country.
He noted that the construction of 188 lockable stores at Agomanya Market, the Business Resource Center at the Municipal Assembly, and Educational, Health, and Sanitation facilities in the area signifies the commitment of the government to prioritize the development of the area.
He assured the people that the road networks in the Municipality are being attended to, as portions of them have already been awarded on contract with contractors on-site.

Ngmayem Festival
Ngmayem is one of the annual traditional festivals celebrated in Ghana by the people of Manya Krobo. It is celebrated in the last week of October.
This year’s celebration attracted patrons from different parts of the world, making it one of the well-patronized Ngmayem festivals of all times.
Many of the town folks and visitors described it as one of the well-organized events in the history of the festival.

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