After a historic victory in the SRC presidential elections, Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey stood tall amongst her competitors with a slim margin. …A young lady with vast leadership skills…very proactive and hardworking… She’s very smart and Loyal too… She is an ardent believer in Loyalty over money… May God bless you more…We have a great story to tell in the future…

Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey popularly known as Action Lady is the current SRC President for Ghana technology University college as the first ever female in the history of the university…

Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey was once women’s commissioner for TESCON GTUC and currently TESCON president and in fact she has exhibited an outstanding performance so far.
She have led TESCON GTUC for serveral campaigns and notable among them was the Ayawaso Wuogon by elections that saw Maa Lydia winning massively

Action Lady as affectionately called prior to her election as SRC President was the SRC JC clerk and she exhibited an outstanding performance.
No wonder she was voted for massively as the SRC President to make a history.

Ms. Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey as a result of broadening her horizon have attended several conferences. Notable among these are the launch of the Ghana youth connekt representing NUGS,
IT conferences between 2017 and 2019.
She has attended serveral youth reform programs as well.
She’s CEO of The Pamitouch foundation which focusses on motivating girls into technology and politics.

Ms Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey is a team player and therefore believes in hard work.
This alone keeps her soaring.

Ms Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey have serveral educational scholarships such as the Barclays scholarships award for tertiary Students in 2017/2018 to study in GTUC..

Ms. Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey who through her election as SRC President for GTUC made history as the first female SRC President of the university..

A very good communicator and technologists who seeks to help in addressing the nation’s technological problems such as the creation of awareness of the Data Protection ,Data Privacy and Cybersecurity launched in Accra-Ghana for Africa by the *Data Protection Commission.*
She is very proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and has basic knowledge in Programming Languages: Java, C++, PhP.
• Computer Hardware: Laptop and Desktop Repairs
Lest I forget, she’s also good in public speaking and Poetry recitations and writings and Singing as well…
She won *THE BOSS LADY AWARD* recently at the National women’s symposium organized by the women’s commissioners of NUGS and the Nigerian Students union…


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