14th July 2024


The public has been advised to desilt drains and gutters to allow the free flow of water and reduce flooding during heavy rains. This is because more rains are expected in the weeks ahead, as the country’s wet season peaks up.

Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet), Michael Padi, has said that while the coastal parts of the country, especially the east coast, had not had enough rains initially, the situation had changed.

In a media interview, he noted that as had been the case for other places since the rains started, southern Ghana would now also be experiencing regular rains, which would range from moderate to heavy.

“All parts of the country are now going to experience rainfall on an almost daily basis,” the Senior Meteorologist said.

Mr Padi said the current rainy season is expected to taper off and end between the beginning and the middle of August in southern Ghana.

The season would however peak in the north around September, and end in October, he said.

Expectation this week

Mr Padi further noted that there would be rainfall on almost daily basis throughout the country this week.

He urged the citizenry to endeavour to listen to the weather forecast and also take all precautions to be safe during the season, such as not driving or walking through flood waters.

Mr Padi said now more than ever, it was important for drains to be completely cleared of all objects that prevented the free flow of water, in order to minimise incidents of flooding during the season.

It is typical for parts of the country to experience flooding during heavy downpours.

The country experienced strong rainfall last Saturday, which caused flooding in a number of areas.

Mr Padi cautioned that rainfall of such intensity was expected in the course of the season.

Southern Ghana is currently experiencing its major and first rainy season of the year, whilst the north of the country was in its major and only rainy season of the year.

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