23rd July 2024

Kojo Acquah, MCE for Effia Kwesimintim

The youth in   Effia Kwesimintim municipality of Western Region have lately resorted to peddling hard drugs such as marijuana and tramadol. Reports indicate that children as young as 10,   prefer spending their ‘chop money,’ on drugs to ‘charge their systems’.

Some Junior High School students are also said to be seriously abusing and peddling these drugs, with a roll of marijuana selling at GHC1.

Two students of Reverend Cobbah  Yalley  Junior High School,  who were alleged to be under the influence of drugs, recently assaulted their headmistress. The case is under investigation by the police, but their parents are pleading for amicable settlement.

Den of criminals

Kojo Acquah, the Municipal Chief Executive, confirmed the situation during assembly sitting on Monday.

The apparently disturbed MCE expressed fears that ‘Great EKMA’, as he prefers calling his  municipality,  will soon become a den of  drug addicts and armed robbers, if stringent measures are not quickly put in place to  divert attention of the youth from drugs.

He also lamented that the laudable Free SHS policy will not impact positively on the municipality if the youth resort to drugs.

The Municipal Security Council, he said, is therefore strategizing on how best to tackle the issue.                                                                                 In spite of this attitude by the youth, Mr Kojo Acquah stressed that there is still peace and tranquillity in his municipality,   and urged the residents not to panic.                                                                            He however reminded them on the need to continue adhering to the   Covid-19 safety protocols since the virus is still active in the system.


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