23rd July 2024

Very Rev Dr Samuel Adubortey Nkatia

The Superintendent Minister in-charge of Dunwell Methodist, at Dekyemso in the Kumasi metropolis, Very Rev Dr Samuel Adubortey Nkatia, has debunked the perception that politics is a dirty game that must be avoided by the righteous in society.

He argues that God himself is a politician, and therefore all morally upright, right-thinking persons must get involved in politics.

According to Very Rev Dr Nkatia, politics must be engaged in by all the righteous in society, contrary to widespread notions that politics is reserved for the ruthless and corrupt.

“People tend to think that politics is dirty and therefore people who appear to be righteous and right in the eyes of society should not be involved. But, I dare say that politics is not dirty because God himself is a politician,” he said.

He said this on Sunday when he delivered a sermon to mark this year’s Bible Society Week at Calvary Temple Assemblies of God Church, at Bantama in the Ashanti region.

It was on the theme, “Bible and Politics.”

Be responsible

Very Rev Dr Nkatiah called on the contenders of the December 7 elections to elucidate their developmental plans for the nation to enable the electorate to make well-informed decisions.

“We must always be responsible in our discourse and we must be civil in the way we address each other. So it does not matter it’s uncivil to me or who abuses me or who throws insult at me, and I know he calls me ‘the incompetent one’, but it does not really bother me. I think I will continue to respond as courteously as possible, politics need not be dirty.

“Using thugs and secret cult’s members against opponent; embarking on foul means to win election; buying votes and scheming to rig elections; and manipulating people and mismanaging the resources of the people is their way of politics. This is not of God. It is not godly. It is of the devil,” Very Rev Dr Nkatia observed.


He stated that any Christian organisation or movement devoid of evangelism is incomplete, just as any Christian movement or organisation without politics (caring for the affairs of men) is definitely incomplete.

“We are convinced that corruption in politics is a spiritual question, which can only be countered not by regimentation or legislation but by honesty and integrity.

“Honesty and integrity can only be the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We need to maintain a spiritual perspective on these secular issues of corruption and related vices,” the Methodist priest noted.

Discerning voters

He said he is confident that Ghanaians will vote based on performance records of the various parties and how realistic their development proposals are for the nation.

Very Rev Dr Nkatia advised political leaders to put the past behind them and strive to rule the country with love, justice and peace and rely solely on God who has chosen them to rule their subjects.

“Rely on God always and think of the welfare of the people. Monitor all the people you have appointed and charge them to be honest, humble and faithful. Depend on God always and place your people first in all your deliberations.

“As an astute politician, you must know that politics is an honest service to the people. Bury corruption once and for all and where there is disunity and hatred, endeavour to replace it with unity and reconciliation,” Very Rev Dr Nkatia urged politicians.

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