15th July 2024

Mr. Sam Koranteng, Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana has threatened to sue road contractors, private developers, mining firms, utility service providers and all persons whose activities continue to cut their fibre leading to challenges with their quality of service. According to the telecommunication company, their Major Quality of Service challenge has been with frequent fibre cut.


Speaking to the eveningmailgh.com on the side lines of MTN Ghana Editors/Journalists Forum held at Koforidua in the Eastern Region, Mr. Sam Koranteng, Corporate Services Executive of the company stated that the company records sometimes as many as 100 fibre cuts in a month. He said in 2018 alone the company recorded 1143 fibre cuts.

Mr. Koranteng said it cost MTN GHC6634 to repair one fibre cut and about US$18,000 to replace one kilometer of fibre. He stated that at the end of 2018 alone, the company had spent a whooping GHC7.5million on fibre replacement/repairs. This according to Mr. Koranteng cannot be allowed to continue forever hence the decision of the company to start suing organisations that are involved in these activities.


Mr. Koranteng stated that in 2018, out of the 1143 fibre cut recorded, 49% were due to Road & Drain construction, 37% due to private developers,  7% due to utility service providers such as the Electricity Company of Ghana, Ghana Water Company Limited and  Ghana Railway Company Limited with mining and other related activities also cutting 7% of their fibre.



Legal Action

Mr. Koranteng stated that though the fibre cut cannot be attributed to theft, where they have noticed clear negligence on the part of the organisation involved, the company intends to sue. He stated that when there is going to be any form of construction or any activity that can cut any of the fibre, the law requires that the firm involved in those activities approach the telecos and any other institution who may be affected by the construction so that they can move their fibre from the line where it stands at risk of being tempered. He said yet they hardly get any such information and before they realize, their fibres are being cut. He stated that the company has therefore resolved to take legal action against such people whose negligence lead to the constant cutting of their fibre. “Cases where we have evidence that the fibre cut has been as a results of negligence, we intend to take legal action against those who have been responsible for those cuts.” He said. “We are looking at all people who we are able to identify, who we are able to gather enough details, who we are able to gather enough evidence that will stand up in court, whether its road contractors, whether its private developers etc, we are looking at that. We intend to take legal action.” He stressed.


 Editors/Journalist forum

The MTN Ghana, Editors/Journalist forum is an annual event where MTN Ghana meets with the media to discuss several range of issues involving the telecommunication company. This year, the company discussed with the media its operational review, Innovations & Technology Excellence adopted and plans for the coming year.



Talking about their achievement for the year 2018, Mr. Sam Koranteng stated that the company invested over GhC825m in Network Technology and IT Systems. He said the company also achieved over 23.5% in Service Revenue growth year-on-year and implemented 600 2G; 1,100 3G and 250 4G sites. Mr. Koranteng said the company achieved Best Network in Ghana, measured through NPS, exceeded 20 million in total customers on the network, won over 45 awards spanning Ghana, Africa and globally among other achievements describing the year as “stellar year for MTN”.



Mr. Koranteng stated that the company paid approximately GhC1.5 Billion in total to government in the form of taxes. This include GHS 1.3billion paid to the Ghana Revenue Authority and GHS 184Million to their Regulators (NCA/GIFEC) making MTN the highest tax paying company in the country.

Source: eveningmailgh.com

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