My Suspension has nothing to do with ‘fraud’ but  I don’t know my ‘sins’ yet- NDC’s Kwesi Dawood

Kwesi Dawood, Suspended NDC C/R Communication Director

The embattled Central Region Communication Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Kwesi Dawood has stated that his suspension from office has nothing to do with fraud as is being reported in some section of the media. According to the suspended Communication Director, though he does not know of the crimes he has committed to warrant a suspension, he has not engaged in any fraudulent activities.


Kwesi Dawood was suspended by the Central Regional Executives of the NDC for ‘Anti-party conducts’. The suspension letter which was signed by the Central Regional Secretary of the NDC stated that Kwesi Dawood had been referred to the party’s regional disciplinary committee for further actions. The letter also asked the media to stop dealing with Mr. Dawood. It further stated that the deputy regional communication director will act as the communication director until further notice.


Though the suspension letter which was copied to the media did not state his offense, investigation revealed that he was suspended for using his position to defraud some hoteliers and car rental companies.


But Kwesi Dawood who claims he does not know the crimes he has committed in a press release stated that he “received with dismay, a correspondence from the Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress informing me of my suspension from office as the Central Regional Communication Officer of the party.” “It must be put on record that, the content of the letter does not, in any way, explicitly indite me of any wrongdoing. As it stands now, details of my ‘Anti-party conducts’ as communicated to me via the letter are unknown to me.” He said.

He stated that it is “therefore surprising to note news publication tagging my hard earned reputable personality with ‘fraudulent related activities’.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the suspension has nothing to do with fraud or theft or dishonesty, nor anything relating to it, as such, such news must be disregarded and treated with the contempt it deserves as I take steps to meet the Disciplinary committee.” He said.

He called on “well-meaning Ghanaians to disregard these publications that seek to tarnish my image.”

He reiterated his oblivion of the charges against him. “I am yet to be briefed on my charges in order for me to respond accordingly.” He used the opportunity to urge “all and sundry, especially my Constituency Communication Officers & their Deputies, CR NDC Communicators, Constituency Executives, BCOs, media monitors/serial callers, Former constituency Executives, colleague RCOs, my Family, sympathizers and loved ones, to disregard these unwarranted publications in the media space” adding that he remains resolute will adhere to the directives of the Regional Chairman and in due time.



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