15th July 2024

Chairman for Bawumia Fun Club Mr.Twumasi Ankrah has said that the campaign team of Kennedy Agyapong has been infiltrated by some members of the opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“They have seeped into his camp and have succeded in deceiving him to believe that the grassroot executives of the NPP are on his side and will vote massively for him to win as the 2024 flagbearer of NPP. This is not true.

Mr. Twumasi Ankrah in his defence explained that the same polling station excutives are the ones who voted for their party chairmen and the party chairmen are the ones who voted massively for Dr. Bawumia at the NPP Super Delegates Elections.

The foregoing according to him is a clear evidence that polling station executives and for that matter those at the grassroot are in support of Dr. Bawumia.

“Let me tell you the truth. Kennedy Agyapong will not get a single vote even if he goes independent”

Reacting to some abusive and provocative comments by Kennedy Agyapong against the leadership of NPP, Mr. Twumasi Ankrah said “we don’t want to play it tough with Kennedy else we would have dealt with him squarely. NPP is a decent party.”

” How dare you insult the leadership of our party. You insult executives and you want us to vote for you?”

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