19th July 2024

NPP National Executives with Ashanti Regional Chairman when the team got to Kumasi

So, Justin Frimpong Kodua (aka JFK) does not even know the composition of the NPP National Executive Committee (NEC), and yet, he wants to lead the Party as its General Secretary? Are the gods of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition that crazy?

Listening to him this morning (6th May, 2022) on UTV’s “MPU NE MPU” Show, one cannot help but come to the conclusion that he knows very little about the administrative and organizational structures of the NPP, to start with. The more he grants media interviews on his GS ambitions, the more he exposes himself, unfortunately.

Certainly, the NPP cannot sacrifice their “adwenkese”, the experience and results-driven John Boadu, for somebody who is now coming to learn even the most basic things about party administration. There’s a difficult 8 to break in 2024, and the party must marshal its most experienced hands to anchor this process.

The NDC isn’t approaching election 2024 lightly at all. They are marshaling all their experienced hands to lead the party as national executives. None of their current national executives is taking a break. Even with that, more experienced former Ministers of State and former National Officers of the party, are lacing their boots to contest in their national executives elections.

Unfortunately for the NPP, most of our national executives are not seeking re-election. The party is definitely going to have a new national chairman; a new national organizer; a new national youth organizer; a new national treasurer; and even more concerning is the fact that the party is going to also have a new flagbearer. How can the party afford a new inexperience general secretary in addition to this frightening spectacle?

Justin Kodua is a nice gentleman, but certainly, it is not yet his time. Experience is not a commodity which can be bought or acquired from the market. He has so much learning to do and the party cannot and should not risk giving its steering wheel to a “learner” at this crucial time where the party is seeking to achieve what no political party in Ghana has been able to achieve in the fourth republic…

The party interest must definitely come first and should be placed above the individual ambitions, selfish or otherwise, of any member of the party. This, cannot be said enough.

!!!A word to the wise!!!

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