23rd July 2024

Ghana’s former Deputy Ambassador to China, Dr Charles Dwamena, in an address to the leadership and membership of the USA Branch of the New Patriotic Party, has indicated that it is only an NPP Government that can make the country great and prosperous but for that to happen, the Party must be able to stay in power for more that four consecutive terms.

Speaking at the 2021 Annual Conference of the USA Branch the Party, Dr China, as the diplomat is popularly called, said that of all the political parties in Ghana, it is only the NPP that has demonstrated beyond doubt that it is capable of transforming this country into a prosperous country given the past governance records of the Party. He however indicated that, for NPP to transform the country, the Party must stay in power for at least four consecutive terms and as such there is the need for all party members to put their shoulders to the wheel in an effort to break the 8. To achieve this, according to Dr China, a stronger Party must be built.

He went on to say that building a stronger Party, to a very large extent, depends on the finances of the Party. To him, a financially sound party that focuses on implementing policies that positively affect the livelihood of its members will become an election winning machinery irrespective of the Presidential Candidate chosen.

He mentioned programs such as a business incubation fund, a human resource empowerment program and a welfare system that will be functional at the constituency levels as some of the efficient ways of utilizing the Party’s resources to build a stronger Party that can easily break the 8.

He therefore charged participants to deliberate further and come out with more suggestions that will enable the mother party to break the 8.

Other speakers at the event included Madam Obaa Yaa, NPP US Chairperson, H.E. Atta Baofo, Ghana’s Consul General to New York, Mr Abankwa Yeboah – NPP National Treasurer, Prof Kwaku Asare, Mr Evans Nimako- Director of Research and Elections.

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