16th July 2024

National Gas Company Limited, Dr Ben Asante

Some residents in the Nzema enclave have affirmed their faith in the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Gas Company Limited, Dr Ben Asante, describing him as an asset to the Area.

They include NPP executives of the Ellembelle, Jomoro and Evalue Ajomoro Gwira constituencies and a group calling itself the Concerned Grassroots of Nzema-Jomoro.

In separate statements, all the groups affirmed Dr Asante’s competence, declaring their support for him towards the development of the Nzema enclave, where the operational activities of the Ghana National Gas Company is located.


A statement signed by the NPP constituency chairman for Evalue Ajomoro Gwira, Mr. Nana Effate Beyeeman, noted that Dr. Ben Asante had been instrumental in the development of the Nzema area.

“Evalue Ajomoro Gwira Constituency has had her fair share of CSR projects, recruitments, scholarships, internships and national service opportunities under the leadership of Dr Ben Asante, with support from our former MP, Hon Catherine Abelema Afeku.

“Support for traditional authorities since 2017, especially in the conduct of quarterly traditional council meetings, Kundum festival celebrations, is worth mentioning,” the statement said.

It added that “the Ghana National Gas Company, under the leadership of Dr Ben Asante, is currently in the process of constructing an LPG Bottling Plant under the cylinder recirculation module in Evalue Ajomoro Gwira constituency.”

“This project, when completed, will create employment opportunities for the youth of Nzemaland and make a huge impact on our local economy,” it said.

Further achievements

Residents in the other areas also outlined some of the achievements of Ghana Gas under Dr Asante, which include infrastructural development, job creation, human capital development, support for traditional and political activities among others.

“Ghana Gas has initiated several projects within the Jomoro Constituency. Some of these projects include the automation of the Half-Assini Hospital, the renovation of the Beyin Catholic School building, the construction of Half-Assini Town road and Jaway Junction to Magyea road, the renovation of the doctor’s bungalow at the Half-Assini hospital as well as the renovation of Half-Assini Catholic school,” a statement signed by NPP Constituency Chairman for Jomoro,” Mr Simon Amoah noted.

Also, the ‘Concerned Grassroots of Nzema’ said Dr. Ben Asante developed the Gas Infrastructure Master Plan for Ghana in 2008; supervised the increment in the working population of the company from 150 to 950, the construction of 5-bedroom house for the Medical Superintendent at Half Assini, renovation of a Six (6) unit classroom block for Catholic primary school in Half Assini, construction of Ultra-Modern Trauma Centre located at Atuabo, construction of Four Unit teachers’ Quarters each for Asemda Suazo and Anokyi, construction of Astroturf parks for Karela and Nzema Kotoko football clubs in Nzema; and donated a 33-seater Coastal Bus to Ellembelle Elderly Care.”

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