Ace broadcast journalist and leader of the Dominion Prayer Battalions Ministry Prophet Oberempong, a.k.a CP, has described as baseless the argument that pastors are not supposed to do active politics.

He says politics is not as evil as the politicians have painted in the eyes of the right thinking members of the society and therefore urging more pastors to aspire to be MPs in the 2020 general election.

According to him,politics belongs to God and the church must step forward to fill Ghana’s Parliament House to change the ugly face of Ghana politics and bring sanity through the gospel to change ‘corruption’ status quo.

According to him, the fiction that ministers of God cannot involve themselves in active politics has no place anywhere in the entire Bible and therefore charged pastors, bishops, evangelists, prophets and all in the body of Christ to get ready to enter into parliament as to help push the interest of the church and the gospel.

He said, time has come for the men and women of God in this country to take up the responsibility of becoming Members of Parliament to nullify the long standing groundless argument that a minister of God should stay away from politics because it is a “dirty game”.

He further added that, politics started from the body of Christ before the circular society adopted it and has made it look as if it is sacrilegious for a man or woman of God to be involved in active politics.

“I want to entreat you Ministers Of God to throw out those unfounded speculations and begin to let the church leadership and members understand that our father(God) introduced politics into this world and it was the prophets and priests who God used to start politics among our fore fathers”, he stated.


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