Registration of 2019 Newly Trained Teachers for Licensure Exams begins September 2


Registration of 2019 Newly Trained Teachers for Licensure Examination begins September 2,2019.

The National Teaching Council shall from September 2,2019 open its portal for registration of newly trained teachers.

Registration Fee
In a statement issued on August 27,2019, the registration fee remains unchanged with reference to the 2018 fee.

2019 newly trained teachers are thereby informed to prepare with a GHC220 registration fee.

Exam Date
The statement further said,if nothing obstructs processes, the exam shall commence on September 24 to 26,2019.

Postings for 2019 NSS
In relation to the posting of the 2019 newly trained teachers for National Service,the leadership said it is currently in negotiation with stakeholders on the prospective period.

”Though agreement is not rolled up,we hope that posting would be done by October 2019 since the Academic Calendar begins from September 2019.”The leadership assured.



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