16th July 2024

Residents living in Dantano Electoral Area of the  Asunafo South District of the Ahafo Region have threatened to boycott all elections if their roads leading to Kukuom, the district capital are not fixed immediately.

According to them, they have been facing this huge challenge of poor road network for more than 32 years now and nothing has been done about it despite their several complaints.

Speaking to the Evening Mail, the residents revealed that the road since it construction  in  1987 during the former President Jerry John Rawlings’ regime has not seen any rehabilitation. They said that whenever it rains, they find it very difficult to go to the market, hospital and farms.

“When it’s time for elections, Ghanaian leaders will come around and after voting none of them will even decide to pay us a visit”. –They lamented

They accused their Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive, both past and present, for failing to honour their promises of constructing their roads for them.

“Politicians from Asunafo South district always promise us that the roads will be constructed anytime they are campaigning.” They lamented.

Some farmers also said that there were  times that  vehicles sending fertilizer to them, due to the poor road network get involved in accidents leading to their destruction of their fertilizers.

George Sarpong, leader and convener for a youth group in the area told the Evening Mail that traders lose their profit when they travel to market to sell their foodstuffs whiles pregnant women are being carried in tricycles from Dantano to Kukuom hospital.

According to Mr Sarpong, residents have decided to demonstrate against the current government and will not relent in drumming home their demand using all appropriate means possible.

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