14th July 2024

March 2023 sees the Loyal Ladies, a women’s volunteer youth group of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), turn seven years old.

With a membership of about 40,000 nationwide, it is a group of inspiring women who have dedicated their time, energy, and resources to supporting the NPP in Ghana. These ladies are stalwarts of the party, showing a strong commitment to its vision, values, and policies. Their role in the party’s success is unquestionable.

One of the hallmarks of NPP Loyal Ladies is their unwavering support for the party – loyal by name, loyal by nature. They are ready to defend and promote the NPP’s ideology with alacrity, even in the face of vehement opposition. This level of dedication and loyalty reflects their deep conviction in the party’s ability to bring about positive change in Ghana.

Also notable about the NPP loyal ladies is their passion for community development. Understanding that a strong and prosperous Ghana requires the wholesale participation and engagement of all citizens, they have taken it upon themselves to lead by example. Through various community projects and initiatives, NPP loyal ladies have demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of Ghanaians, particularly women and children.


The positive impact they are making is of immense benefit to the communities in which they serve. Whether it is volunteering at hospitals and schools, organizing charity events, or participating in environmental clean-up efforts, they are making a difference for the better in the lives of those around them.

The Loyal Ladies’ positive energy and enthusiasm is a trademark, inspiring those they work with, bringing a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to the party’s events and activities, helping to create a sense of community and belonging among party members. Going above and beyond the call of duty to support the party’s goals, they are also known for their strong work ethic and passion. It is infectious.

Role Models

Furthermore, NPP Loyal Ladies are excellent role models for young girls and women in Ghana. In the spirit of Yaa Asantewaa, they have broken barriers and shattered gender stereotypes by actively participating in politics and taking on leadership roles in the NPP. By doing so, they have shown that women can be successful and effective leaders in politics and other fields, encouraging other women to follow in their footsteps. Over the years, some members have risen through the ranks to become constituency, regional and national executives of the party.

In conclusion, NPP loyal ladies are a group of inspiring women who have made significant contributions to the success of the NPP in Ghana. Their unwavering support, dedication to community development, and serving as beacons and role models for young girls and women, are just a few of the many reasons why they are a positive force in Ghanaian politics. Their commitment to the NPP’s vision of a better Ghana is truly commendable, and we should all aspire to follow their example of loyalty, passion, and service.

It has been seven years of loyalty and service to the New Patriotic Party, and women in politics. Onwards to the next seven. Ayekoo!

Source: NPP Loyal Ladies



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