Signs that suggest you are in a one-sided relationship


1. Are you wasting time in a one-sided relationship?

Most of us tend to become selfless in love. We think of sweet gestures to makes our lover feel special, keep him or her on our priority list and go an extra mile to be there for our partner at the time of need, isn’t it? However, being in love can actually make you turn a blind eye to many things and make you see the things the way you want to see them. Here are seven signs that suggest you might be wasting your time in a one-sided affair and your partner does not feel the way you do.


2. You always take the initiative

Whether it’s about making plans to meet or sending text messages, you are the one who always makes efforts to stay in touch with your lover. If you stop taking the initiative, you both might have zero communication for days.

3. You are not on his priority list

While you change your routine or cancel your plans to meet your partner, he or she agrees to meet only as per his convenience. In fact, he might prefer to ditch your pre-decided plan to catch up with his friends and you are never invited to these get-togethers.

4. The relationship problems

When both of you have a fight, your partner seems to be least interested in resolving the issue. You might stay upset for days, think what all led to the fight or even apologise for no fault of yours, but your partner simply chooses to ignore the same problem.5. Your partner takes you for granted

Have there been days when you were feeling low and your partner intentionally chose to ignore you? Is he always unapologetic when he is wrong and does not care about your wellbeing? Well, a caring and loving partner will always go out of his way to make you feel wanted and won’t take you for granted.

6. You constantly feel confused

You feel (and maybe, hate to accept) your partner does not love the way you love him. You feel clueless thinking what is going on in his mind and doubt whether he is actually in love with you or not. He rarely holds meaningful conversations with you and hardly opens up about his feelings for you.

7. Does your partner know you?

A partner who is genuinely interested in you will always make efforts to understand you better as a person. He or she will be all ears to your stories, be a part of your life plans and you won’t feel hesitant in confessing even the silliest things in front of your partner. If your partner seems to be occupied in his world and has no interest in yours, consider it a red flag for your relationship.

8. You know you are not happy

Deep down, you know the relationship is not an ideal one and you are not happy. Your partner is not investing his 100 per cent into the relationship and you fear it would crumble down if you stop making the efforts.



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