23rd July 2024

Société Générale, a prominent French bank, has emphatically refuted rumors suggesting its departure from the Ghanaian banking sector, dismissing them as unfounded speculation.

The bank clarified that it is undergoing restructuring to better adapt to international market dynamics, addressing concerns raised by shareholders during the 44th Annual General Meeting.

Managing Director Hakim Ouzzani stressed that reports of the bank’s exit were not originating from Société Générale itself, urging stakeholders to disregard the circulating misinformation.

While reports of Société Générale’s departure after 20 years have circulated widely, recent actions, such as finalizing deals with Saham Group and divesting from other African countries, align with the bank’s strategy to focus on key markets where it can maintain its position as a leading financial institution.

Credit: citinewsroom.com

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