23rd July 2024

Tavona Biza, the Group CEO of Old Mutual Ghana, has in an interview after the ɔbra Pa Retirement Salary stakeholder engagement program held in Accra, advised Ghanaian youth to start thinking of retirement and life after retirement.

Speaking after the event which was themed ‘Retiring with Confidence; how to live a fulfilled life with a retirement salary’, Tavona Biza explained that, “You don’t start planning for retirement at the age of 50. You start planning for retirement even at the age of 18. At that age, if you come to Old Mutual, we will craft a plan for you that will ensure that by the time you get to retirement, ɔbra Pa Retirement Salary will be there for you to enjoy. Start planning early, don’t wait till you are 50”.

Old Mutual, Ghana’s innovative insurance company led the pack by recently launching a pioneering retirement product called With Profit Annuity dubbed “ɔbra Pa Retirement Salary” to provide a guaranteed stream of income for retirees for the rest of their lives.

The “ɔbra Pa (which means ‘good life’) Retirement Salary” was designed to help retirees experience all the good things they want in retirement. It helps them to enjoy a customized plan tailored towards their unique needs while helping protect what matters most to them in retirement.

To become an ɔbra Pa Retirement Salary beneficiary, one has to be 50 years and above and invest a minimum lumpsum of GHs 20,000 upfront. In addition to the monthly salaries for individual policyholders, couples can also enjoy Joint Spousal Benefits when they take the policy together. There is also a funeral cover for all policyholders.” Mrs. Boateng added.

Old Mutual is an integrated financial services provider with presence in 13 countries on the African continent. Old Mutual has 176 years of expertise in Life Insurance, Pensions and Banking Services across Africa. In Ghana, the brand is committed to leveraging the 176 years of expertise to partner with Ghanaians to help them achieve their financial goals.

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