15th July 2024

The dam in which the boy got drowned

An 18-year-old boy, identified as Kuma Justice Tettey, has drowned in a dam meant for irrigation purposes at Konorkle, near Oterkporlu, in the Eastern Region.


Information gathered indicates that the deceased had gone to the dam site with two friends on Sunday when he unfortunately got drowned during an attempt to swim.


“The deceased was with his two friends at the riverside. One of them was going to wash his motorbike used for commercial purposes. So they escorted him, and while washing, Kuma left them to attempt swimming and in the process he got drowned. He had never swum before so without guidance it’s impossible for him to come out alive,” a source disclosed.


Search mission


Kuma’s lifeless body was found after an hour of search by local divers who were mobilized by the Dadematse of the area.


After frantic search by the local divers and some police personnel from Oterkpolu, the body of the deceased was retrieved and conveyed by the police to the Atua Government hospital awaiting autopsy.


Local divers who retrieved the lifeless body disclosed to reporters that it is inappropriate for a beginner such as Kuma to attempt to swim in such a water body without any professional guidance.

They advised parents to caution their children about swimming in the dam.

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