25th July 2024

Akwasi Acquah, CEO of Community Hospitals

Alexander Akwasi Acquah, Chief Executive Officer of Community group of Hospitals, operators of six community hospitals, three mortuaries and several pharmacy shops in the country,  has advised the youth to start implementing whatever idea they have without waiting for startup capital. According to the former NHIS Public Relations Officer under the erstwhile Kufuor administration, getting funding for any kind of business in this country is one of the difficult things and waiting for such funding will only cripple ones ideas.


Have a Dream

Using himself as an example, the journalist cum politician said when he started his own student magazine after senior high school, he did not start with any money but only his dream, passion and idea. “I had the dream and wanted to work it out, I went to the press and started working it. At the time, I was the reporter, editor, publisher, salesman and everything. I had only completed secondary school then. I printed on credit and paid as when I had the money” He said.


Mr. Akwasi Acquah who is also the CEO of Max Publications and Media Services, operators of Ghanadistrict.com, ghanaparliament.com and ghanahospitals.com advised the youth to just start whatever idea they have and people may come in to support them. “Do not sit down waiting for a startup capital, you may die with your talent and ideas. Just start something, do not think about the immediate profit, persevere and people who share in your dream may come in to support you.” He said.


Fate of Journalism

Mr. Akwasi Acquah who is a former producer and sit in host of Peace fm’s kokrookoo also bemoaned the growing spate of unprofessionalism in the field of journalism in the country. He stated that journalism as it is been practiced now does meet the level of standard that was set in the early days of the profession. He entreated people who want to progress in the profession to take their time and get proper training and also let the ethics of the profession guide their steps. “The sad truth is, today, anybody at all who can talk and write starts practicing journalism. This is the bane of the profession now. After secondary school when I wanted to practice, I took my time and got enrolled at the Ghana Institute of journalism to get trained.” He said. He added that due to the presence of social media and proliferation of citizen journalists, it will be difficult to curb the profession from unprofessionalism but pleaded with those who really want to practice to seek for professional training.



Mr. Akwasi Acquah who was speaking on the SayItRight in 27 show with Kwasi Frimpong, he used the opportunity to confirm rumors that he will be contesting for the Akyem Oda parliamentary primaries when the NPP opens nomination. He said as a committed member of the party, he believes when given the nod, he has a lot to offer the constituency hence his decision to contest for the seat. When asked what he will do different which is not currently been done by the sitting MP, Mr. Akwasi Acquah said “I will not want to jump the horse since the party is yet to open the nomination” but added that, he is sure what he has done for the party and the constituency will propel him to victory when the party finally opens nomination.


Source: eveningmailgh.com

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