23rd July 2024

There’s nothing worse than having a partner who’s not supportive.

It can be one of the most difficult things in the world having your partner not be by your side

It’s hard enough to take up something unknown to yourself without having the support of the one person expected to be your number one cheerleader.

Even if your dreams seem a little outlandish, anything is possible with hard work and a bunch of encouragement from your partner.

How do you handle an unsupportive partner? Below are 5 things to take into consideration when you feel you are in this situation:

  • Ask yourself if this is a trend

If you’ve been dating someone for years and this seems to be the first time they’ve been unsupportive, ask yourself why. Maybe they have issues with your plan that they’re uncomfortable telling you about. If your partner is normally behind anything you do 100%, this isn’t as much of a personality trait than something very specific to the situation at hand. He has a right to his opinion, and it may very well be different from yours.

  • Be compassionate towards him and your proposed life plan

Maybe you’re subconsciously not very supportive of their projects and goals and they’re just projecting that onto you. Sit down and talk about the whole future with your partner. Maybe they’re just feeling a little excluded by your most recent idea. See if you share any similar goals and try to figure out a plan together. If they continue to be negative or almost seems controlling over what you will and won’t do, then it may be time to separate.

  • Truly listen to what they have to say

There’s a good chance they’re not a monster — they’re just viewing the situation from a completely different perspective. Before you write them off and get into a fight about it, listen to them and take it all to heart. If they have your best interests in mind, it’s worth thinking about.

  • Always keep them informed

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t know how much research you’ve put into your planned move or work promotion. Maybe they’re just hearing snippets and don’t know how badly you want something to change. Or, if you’re starting a business, perhaps they don’t know that you’re looking into buildings and permits and loans — maybe they just assume that you’re hoping they’ll take the lead. Tell them what you’re doing and don’t spare the details. If they’re still not supportive, don’t use that as an excuse to stop.

  • Admit your own reservation

This will prove to them that you’re not just willingly jumping into a project that’s destined to fail. Showing them that you’re aware of the pros and cons will help keep the conversation open, and also let them know that you’re not acting on a whim.

  • Go to a counsellor

This might be a big communication issue. If they’re willing to bring a third person into the debate, a professional is much better than a friend. It might help both of you open up, and also work out any issues that are plaguing your relationship. It’s worth giving a shot, especially if you can see the two of you having a future together.

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