We Can Build Ghana Through Patriotism – Rev. Amfo-Akonnor


Rev. Dr. Kofi Amfo-Akonnor, District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Koforidua has called on Ghanaians to help build the country with patriotism.

According to the man of God, despite all the natural resources that the country is endowed with, we cannot develop if the do not show act of patriotism towards the country.
He stated that the recent insecurity in the country, upsurge of violence and the underdevelopment of the country is as a result of the mindset of many Ghanaians who do not care about the wellbeing of the country.

Responsible Citizens
He said until Ghanaians take charge of the development of the country, foreigners nor natural resources cannot develop the country for us.
He has therefore called on all Ghanaians to honour their civic duties by paying their taxes and rates to the government for the provision and maintenance of social infrastructure and for the sustenance of public institutions.
He urged Ghanaians to ensure the protection, maintenance and correct use of public property located in their neighborhood among others.
Decision Making
Rev. Dr. Amfo-Akonnor also used the occasion to advise Christians to show interest and be honest in the processes of choosing leaders at all levels for the nation.
He asked them to participate actively in the processes of governance and get involved in electioneering processes by registering to vote and also contesting for positions or accepting appointment into positions of authority.
This he said will be a means of getting the right people at the helm of affairs to change the country.
Rev. Dr. Amfo -Akonnor was speaking at the annual Young Adult Fellowship(YAF) ceremony of the church held at the Koforidua Ascension Presbyterian Church of Ghana.
He charged members of the Young Adult Fellowship and Christians to soberly reflect on the state of Ghana and fast and pray to intercede for God’s mercy and grace and to preach National repentance for the nation.

Source: The Evening Mail


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